Wednesday, September 4, 2019


Boy, do I have a new book and author for you to learn about. Do you like scary things that bump in the night? Meet author Derrel Cockerham and learn about his book VESSEL: LIGHT OF BALANCE. You won't be sorry that you took the time.

AUTHOR – Derrel Cockerham


Light of the Balance

Tell your readers a little about yourself. Where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school etc. Let them get to know the personal you.

I grew up in a small town called Greenwood in north Florida, and I currently reside there. I grew up in a small town and attended a small school named Grand Ridge.  I started with a love for great stories as a child preferring short series such as The Odyssey rather than digital games. I began writing poetry in high school which gradually grew into stories, but not just any stories. These stories had to mean something. I loved seeing how what we go through and where we come from impact how we see the world and everyone around us. I joined the Marines fresh out of high school, and everything went on hold, but the love for what makes me happy never left.

What inspired you to write this book?

Balance is something I believe in deeply.  Today, our lives are so busy that we often lose sight of the things that are most important. Balance is necessary for work, time with our families, and even in our relationships.  This book embodies the same principles with a twist on what Balance truly is.

Where did you get the inspiration for your book’s cover?

The book cover is a crucial part of the story. I believe that the cover can tell the reader precisely what the story is about. The inspiration came from the story itself. The throne in the center is a metaphor of the conflict between two opposing sides and clearly lets the reader know from the first glance what is at stake. Perhaps the most appealing is the Flower of Life pattern that glows on the cover. This pattern is crucial to the philosophy and foundation of the story which will be expounded on later in the series.


Who has been the biggest influence on you personally and as a writer?

The biggest influence on me as a writer has been life itself. The journey of life is what makes it special. I want to create stories that are realistic of actual people. Sometimes life is not a straight shot, there are obstacles, and it is these very obstacles that make us who we are. Sometimes you have to go to one place to get to another.

What were your struggles or obstacles you had to overcome to get this book written?

Conceptualization was the biggest obstacle of getting the book written.  The eastern philosophy had to be translated into a plot that is not uncommon. However, it is this philosophy that brings more to the book than the traditional plot of this kind of story.

Tell your readers about your book.

The main character of this book is named Aerofer. Although young and naive, Aerofer is a pure-hearted young man who wishes only to travel and see the world as the world that he grew up in is closed off from other nations.  However, he is chosen by the Balance, an entity that exists to keep the world we live in existing in perfect Balance, to become its Vessel to preserve the continuum.

The second main character of this book is Parsicus. Parsicus is a bastard son of the king who has earned the admiration and respect of the entire nation during his years of military service.  Upon his father’s death, he returns home to see his step-brother itching for the throne as their father lies upon his death bed. Things turn ill quickly for Parsicus as rumors spread that he is chosen to ascend to the throne rather than the legitimate heir.  What follows is a heartbreaking story of two brothers desperately trying to preserve their bond of brotherhood as their paths inevitably lead them into two separate directions.

The lives of these two main characters inevitably intertwine as not only the throne of a kingdom but the fate of the world rest on both their shoulders.

Who is your target audience and why?

The target audience of my book is young adults, but it is an enjoyable story to people of all ages. There are mythical creatures, supernatural forces, and political intrigue that will connect with people of every age and nearly every interest.

If you were going to give one reason for anyone looking at your book to read, why should they buy it?

This book will help any reader that buys it learn more about themselves. They will learn the importance of balance, the strength of bonds of brotherhood, and appreciate the growth in themselves.

What do you consider your greatest success in life?

I consider my greatest success in life to be becoming a father and passing on my love of stories on to my son. Like me, he already writes mini novels and comics and nothing feels better than having your son look up to you and admire you for creating something you both love.

Everyone has life lessons to learn, tell your readers one or two of yours, and how they make you the person you are today.

Probably the greatest life lesson I learned was from joining the military. The military gave me discipline, mental fortitude, and taught me how to earn something. If I hadn’t joined the military, it could have taken me years to learn these values.

Another life lesson that I have learned is patience. Growing up with scoliosis, I have learned through exercise therapy more patience with my body, which translates into more patience with work, family, and friends.

What one unique thing sets you apart from other writers in your genre?

What sets me apart from other writers in my genre is the character development devotion. A great deal of time was spent giving the reader the foundation of three main characters.  Although it made the book more lengthy, the reader will know exactly where all three of these characters come from, understand their differences, and will build a personal bond with each character.

Tell your readers anything else you want to share.

There were many different places that I got inspired to write this book from.  Taoism, Meditation, and eastern philosophy played a big role as well as blockbuster films such as Lord of the Rings and Braveheart that also played a part. Most important for me was the character connection with the reader. I want the reader to have a genuine interest and care for each of the characters


A storm is coming to Earthos. Bringing terrors as numerous as its raindrops. Its most powerful kingdom must unite to weather the storm. Aerofer is an adventurous youth that wants nothing more than to explore the world. When an abrupt and mysterious illness lands him in a coma, his world is turned upside down. Aerofer embarks on a journey of self-discovery to find Balance within himself so that he can save his newfound friends and all of Earthos from utter destruction.

When a decorated war-hero and bastard of the king returns home, he gets more than he bargained for. Loved by all and respected by all, Parsicus returns home to find his father on his deathbed, a jealous step-brother as heir, and his beloved country falling to decadence and corruption. To save it, he will have to go against his own family. Branded a traitor and betrayed by those closest to him, one man will risk it all to save his country.

Two different paths, two different destinies.

The throne of a kingdom and the fate of the world lies in the Balance. When the End is near, which will matter most? Family or country?

Find your inner Balance