Tuesday, September 17, 2019

Rise to The Rhythm-Groove to Improve & Live Your Life’s Highest Capabilities, One Beat At A Time by Joey L. Dowdy

Happy Tuesday morning. It is a gorgeous day in my part of the world. I got to wake up, smell the fresh brew of coffee, sit on the patio deck and drink it. There is something to be said about the phrase, "You have to stop and smell the roses." Wait! As good as that sounds, I realize that if I don't do something else to energize myself, I become a desk or couch potato. Yep, here goes another saying, "If you don't use it, you lose it." Ouch! I must confess that I am very good at using my brain. I am constantly writing, editing or marketing with my Fiverr gigs. Yes, that right, I also freelance and offer numerous services for authors. If you want to know more about that, contact me.

Now back to moving. I hate to exercise with a passion. I swim -- in my mind, that's fun, not exercising. The same goes for walks in the park, hiking, or riding a bike. All of those fun activities I enjoy. The last really big activity I enjoy is dancing and by dancing, I am referring to any type of dancing. I can dance in the kitchen, dance as I clean, dance in the pool, dance in my living room, and I have taken ballroom dancing, which I love. This brings me to the next author, Joey L. Dowdy, AKA, Dr. Dancer, who I am going to introduce to my readers. I think you are really going to love learning about him and his new book  "Rise to The Rhythm-Groove to Improve & Live Your Life’s Highest Capabilities, One Beat At A Time." This book is after my own heart.

Joey L. Dowdy, AKA, Dr. Dancer

Rise to The Rhythm-Groove to Improve & Live Your Life’s Highest Capabilities,
One Beat At A Time 

  1. Tell your readers a little about yourself, where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school etc. Let them get to know the personal you.
    Hello, I’m Joey L. Dowdy AKA Dr. Dancer. The title of my book is Rise to The Rhythm-Groove to Improve & Live Your Life’s Highest Capabilities, One Beat At A Time. I’m originally from Memphis Tennessee and I went to Craigmont High and after graduation, I went to college at Point University in Pittsburgh Pa. Where there I received a Bachelor of Performing Arts (Theatre, Dance, Music) & Communications degree. Today I live in Los Angeles. 
  2. What inspired you to author this book?
    I wrote this book hoping it would reach and touch the lives of those who may feel as though they’re stuck in the rhythm of a life that’s going nowhere. Yet, they’re still hanging on to a glimmer of hope. And if this is you know that your, “Hope Has Arrived!”

  3. Where did you get the inspiration for your book’s cover?
    My inspiration for the book cover stemmed from wanting to do something different. Because what I didn’t want was to be common and or generic. I felt the cover needed to reflect me and the artistic work I do. I describe my book cover as a collage that shows movement, sex appeal, connection, freedom, and how you can use your life’s rhythm and ability to reach for what you desire.  
  4. Who has been the most significant influence on you personally and as a writer?
    I’m influenced and excited by people who desire to do something with their lives. People who aren’t afraid to look foolish in the eyes of others who might laugh at them for having the guts and courage it takes to step out of the box, and or their comfort zone.

    As a writer, I gained the courage to pursue my writing abilities from Dr. Niama Leslie Williams. She is a very caring person and a close friend who passed away from breast cancer in Aug 2016. Her accolades include having a PH-D in literary intuitiveness and she is also an author of eleven books. As a creative nonfiction writer, she encouraged me to tell my stories about the people I encounter, my artistic abilities, and to express what I write with sincerity, honesty, and boldness.

     Dr. Niama also taught me about self-worth when she came to visit me in the hospital on June 7th, 2016 the day after I had a total hip replacement surgery. She knew I had pushed my body, mind, & spirit to its limit. Therefore, she insisted that I take a break from performing, teaching, dancing, etc. or anything causing me to overexert myself. In which I had not done in over a decade. Then she said something to me no one had ever said to me before. She said, “You Deserve So Much More!”
  5. What were your struggles or obstacles you had to overcome to get this book written?
    I’m so glad you asked this question because it’s what the book is all about. Overcoming!!!

    Here’s an excerpt from the book.

    Imagine It to Be

    Grab A Number and Wait in Line?

    I remember this story so well; it was back in June 2013. It so happened that when I told people, I would write my first book entitled “Get Up & Groove: Step Into Greatness,” I got mixed reactions. Some were excited because they knew it was a tall task to take on. Then, some skeptics didn’t believe, and said, “yeah, we’ve heard that before, so why not grab a number and wait in line with the rest of them?”

    However, I believe what they said stemmed from bitterness or jealousy. They probably aspired to do the same but never did.  Then there were those who literally laughed in my face. For example, I remember telling a male and a female duo management team, working for a housing facility, that I would write a book. Now here’s the thing, their physical reaction spoke louder than their words. After I told them, they looked at each other and made a chuckle that translated, “yeah, right?” What did I do? I shrugged it off because I had clarity about what I wanted to do.

    And I was so excited in the early period of working on my manuscript that I couldn’t wait to share it with a friend. Even though what I shared was a rough draft, and I mean “rough,” I did so hoping to get some feedback since he was an avid reader whom I believed would find favor in reading it. And he did! Well, at least I thought so “at first.” Let me explain.
  6. Tell your readers about your book.
    This is my second book, and it’s personal to me because I self-published it on my own. Unlike my first book produced by a vanity publishing company who cared nothing about the writing. Rise to The Rhythm-Groove to Improve & Live Your Life’s Highest Capabilities, One Beat At A Time is a book written for those who’ve been down for too long but are now ready to get back up & take control over their lives.  

    Here’s another excerpt.  Know This: The Rhythm of Life Is A Powerful Beat!

    Been Down for too long? Well, it’s time to Rise to the Top and awaken the beat to live your highest capability. Did you know that as rhythm has a cadence, and a beat, so does your life? In fact, the rhythm of life is a powerful beat. But what happens at those times when your life’s rhythm knocks you off your beat? Is it possible you can catch up? Or is there a point where it might be too late? Here’s the thing. If you’re not moving, it means you’re not motivated to get up and groove. It’s like having a broken link that needs to be fixed. How do you fix it? The secret is to “Catch the Rhythm” and live in the pulsating power of a “life on the groove.”

    No, it’s never too late to find your beat and get back in step. 
  7. Who is your target audience, and why?
    My target audience is the little boy, or girl, or the grown man or woman who believes their dream can go from being a "fantasy to reality.” Why? Because you need to know that if someone else did it, then so can you.
  8. What do you consider your greatest success in life?
    My greatest success in life is being able to do what I love every single day. It’s truly a gift from God I never take for granted.
  9. What one unique thing sets you apart from other writers in your genre?
    I would it’s my ability to real and not fake with telling people the naked truth about what it’ll take for them to get the results they desire.


    1. Author Website: https://www.joeyldowdy.com