Thursday, April 22, 2021

Legacy Artifacts: The First of the Warm World Mysteries - Author Interview with Jerry C Blanton


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Legacy Artifacts: The First of the Warm World Mysteries

Sergio Mishioki is a Peruvian anthropologist who has escaped with a national treasure and brought it to the United States. The treasure is Romeo y Julieta, a pair of adolescent mummies, and must be found as soon as possible. After the Peruvian consul in Miami hires PI Buck Jaspers to locate the mummies and return them to Peru, he sets out to find Mishioki and the treasure. Using all the operatives at his disposal, Buck narrows the hunt to the Orlando area and shares evidence with an ICE agent on the same trail. After Buck learns that Mishioki loves sports car racing, eating Peruvian food, and chasing young women, he stakes out restaurants and nightclubs, poses as a racecar driver, and investigates reclusive billionaires-the only ones who can afford to keep the mummies in good condition. In order to inspect the estates of possible suspects, Buck employs a swamp rat to take Buck and his crew through the wetlands on an airboat. But just as he gets closer to the mummies and Mishioki, Buck’s operatives reveal a disturbing reality of the person behind the theft. In this exciting mystery, the chase is on for PI Buck Jaspers after an anthropologist steals mummies from Peru and brings them to Florida.