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Encrypting Billions: How Michael Keresman Made Cleveland the Epicenter of E-Commerce and Made Millions




Learn Key Entrepreneurial Secrets. Excite the Gatekeepers in your Industry with Your Products and Services. Get Your Employees to Work Harder for You. Challenge the Status Quo NOW.

“Imagine tens of thousands of banks, millions of merchants and billions of consumers all over the world. Safety, security and trust will unlock E-Commerce for the world.” Michael Keresman, Visionary Internet Entrepreneur, 1999

Encrypting Billions is a wonderful true story, about a creative man and his business, CardinalCommerce. Keresman built his company and challenged the Status Quo at the dawn of E-Commerce in the most unlikely place for E-Commerce growth, Cleveland, Ohio. 

Keresman likens his business’s proprietary technology as "Encrypting a Fistful of Dollars.” Mostly because, Keresman fancied the internet at the turn of the last century, as being similar to the Wild West all over again. He believed the Internet gold rush had overwhelmed all the lawmen available. The badlands were full of bandits and thieves lurking. Fraud and identity theft made e-commerce terrifying.


Here’s what’s included inside Encrypting Billions

◆ The True Secret to any successful business follows a simple notion observed by countless entrepreneurs since the beginning of time. Because of this Keresman INSTANTLY he recognized the direction of his future success.
◆ The 2 Ideologies of Leadership: When you wield these swords, you will inch your products and services to the front of the line(Keresman adeptly engaged Both leadership methods. He knew this from the start and now, you will too!)
◆ Connect your BRAND to the marketplace, protect and defend your rights, stand up for yourself and your employees: Keresman never backed down and neither will you.
◆ Learn to recognize the Competent(s) and the Articulate(s) inside your company: Keresman optimized all of his employees to HIS advantage
◆ It’s not always Us vs Them: Keresman guided the status quo to evolution not revolution. Keresman helped the leaders grow too. Keresman understood how his company fit into its own future, and so will you.
◆ Influencers become Market Leaders: Meet Tim Sherwin and Chandra Balasubramanian two men with savant like proficiencies and enviable aptitudes. Together these three had the foresight that challenged the financial giants and guided the payments industry to what it is today.
◆ Liquidity always follows when the house is in order: Keresman knew when it was time for a strategic partner. Learn his lessons here. For you, it may be sooner than you think.


In the end, we listen closely to the wisdom as Keresman delivers a commencement address. He proudly stands in front of the next generation of entrepreneurs just as subtle and influential as the day he decided to build his company from scratch.

These are true inspirational and humorous stories about building a buisness. They will help you see how every single employee, every single market leader, every single customer must fit nicely into a jigsaw puzzle YOU create TOGETHER. Keresman knew the purpose for growing his business; To Sell His Products and Services to the World!

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Top reviews from the United States

Reviewed in the United States on March 27, 2021
Verified Purchase
Ohio author Patrick R Alexander has produced award winning theater in Los Angeles, travel documentaries about Switzerland creating the development of The Travel Channel, and his friendship with Michael Keresman initiated the publication of this, his first nonfiction publication.

The author’s conversational manner of writing makes ENCRYPTING BILLIONS an accessible overview of the titular character – ‘Michael A. Keresman, who founded and led CardinalCommerce for roughly 18 years, is an emblematic figure of the kind of entrepreneurs found in Silicon Valley. Only Keresman wasn’t in Silicon Valley; he was in Cleveland, Ohio. At the time the big rumor in Cleveland was the Visa was buying Keresman’s company…What was it about CardinalCommerce or Keresman that interested a world class brand like Visa?...Remember the 1990s version of the internet, the “You’ve Got Mail” internet? Keresman realized it could be more, much more. Keresman risked everything and built a technology company called CardinalCommerce…His company transformed about everything in ecommerce, His company conceived and designed well over 100 patents that validated the authenticity of the customer to the merchant and bank.’

With that background of information on Keresman’s history, the book proceeds to offer the meat and potatoes of Keresman’s techniques - Learn Key Entrepreneurial Secrets. Excite the Gatekeepers in your Industry with Your Products and Services. Connect your brand to the marketplace. Get Your Employees to Work Harder for You. Challenge the Status Quo NOW. Liquidity always follows when the house is in order.

A fascinating biography as well as a template for success in building a business – all explained by the author writing about The Internet Security Guy – Michael Keresman! Grady Harp, March 21
Reviewed in the United States on April 2, 2021
Verified Purchase
Patrick R Alexander, an Ohio-based writer, is an award-winning theatre producer. His friendship with Michael A. Keresman led to the publication of Encrypting Billions, his first non-fiction work. The casual tone of writing makes this giant of Silicon Valley approachable and thoroughly understandable for the reader.
This biography serves as a guidebook for entrepreneurs. It offers the gist of Keresman’s methods - Learn Key Entrepreneurial Secrets. Excite the Gatekeepers in your Industry with Your Products and Services. Connect your brand to the marketplace. Get Your Employees to Work Harder for You. Challenge the Status Quo Now. Liquidity always follows when the house is in order. This book is for everyone who dreams of becoming a successful entrepreneur.


Patrick R. Alexander

lives in Cleveland, Ohio. Along with writing, he has produced award-winning theatre in Los Angeles, documentaries about Switzerland that guided the development of The Travel Channel, and most recently he was executive producer of the highly acclaimed feature-length thriller, I SEE YOU, starring Helen Hunt.

Patrick’s friendship with Michael Keresman and comprehensive curiosity in entrepreneurship led to this, his fist nonfiction book.