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THE MODEL FATHER: 11 Essencial Responsibilities of a Father Kindle Edition



THE MODEL FATHER: 11 Essencial Responsibilities of a Father Paperback – April 16, 2021

Raising a family has been the prerogative in all societies for their maintenance and longevity. No culture, civilization, or people would live or survive without this fundamental institution: the family. However, it has suffered due to socio-economic transformations, materialism, and endogenous and exogenous influences for the time being. In this way, the family institution weakens or is weakened and emptied of its fundamental role. For example, we see families made up of same-sex people accepted without problems in other societies or countries. We see more and more single parents who raise children and same-sex families who adopt children. Also, we see programs such as medical or scientifically assisted procreation. Children are procreated and must live the rest of their lives without knowing their biological fathers or biological mothers. We see the dominant selfishness that reduces the human being to an object of affection, "Test tube baby," and even families where values are not lived or conveyed, which are fertile ground for developing a man created in the (image) likeness of God. The work at hand is a God-inspired response to heal society and bring back human consciousness, God's original plan for the family, and how children should be raised and educated (taught) for the family and social good.

This work is an authentic epiphany that clearly introduces and explains the notion, privilege, and fatherhood responsibilities. It is an instruction manual for those seeking model parents and a valuable reference for their children. In this inspiring and awakening work, I didactically present 11 Essential Responsibilities of a Model Father and how to educate children in the right way based on biblical principles and examples from everyday life. The principles presented in this work will make you a model father, an example for your community, pride for your children and grandchildren, and, finally, a blessing for your nation.


Being a father is a blessing and, at the same time, a great responsibility entrusted by God to care for and maintain his work on earth. Since the creation of the universe, God has given man specific tasks: “Multiply and fill the earth ...” (Genesis 1:28). The creator entrusted man with the responsibility of plowing and guarding the Garden over which he was placed to be a manager. (Genesis 2:15).Being a father means being part of a long-term home management relationship, where future fathers and mothers grow. It is to provide necessary rudiments for social and economic balance and to induce men and women (their children and anyone else under their care) to have the taste and sense of family. In fact, being a parent is influencing. Being a father is to guarantee the perpetuity of an institution: “THE FAMILY,” where values are safeguarded, preserved, taught, and passed on from one generation to the next.

There is a need for a combined harmony between father and mother through increased vigilance and an ability to anticipate, as the responsibility to educate falls on the shoulders of both: father and mother, respectively.In this book, we learn that a model father ought to master 11 responsibilities. It should be noted that these do not fully exhaust the responsibilities that a father has to fulfill his mission fully. However, they serve as a base of divine and guiding principles. When understood and properly applied, they will help you become the best father or mother for your children and provide an indispensable social contribution to your family in particular, your community, and your country in general.In fact, the new generation needs a model of inspiration for their aspirations and affirmations as men and women who have dreams of improving their own and others' living conditions. Therefore, these 11 principles are indispensable for the construction of a healthy and balanced society.


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Onório Cutane is an apostle, a teacher, and a prophet with an apostolic-prophetic ministry. He is a humble servant of God with a dynamic ministry of teaching, healing, and deliverance which has helped many people get rid of the kingdom of darkness into God's kingdom of light and love. Thousands of people have been blessed by his ministry and have experienced a victorious life through his anointed biblical-based teachings. Furthermore, he is the founder and president of the Nations for Christ Ministerial Church Inc.

He is a published author, songwriter, televangelist, television host, and philanthropist. Apostle Onório Cutane has conducted mass evangelistic crusades across the world known as “Heavenly Atmosphere” which have transported the Holy Spirit's manifest presence wherever he ministers. His divine mandate is to expand God's heavenly kingdom on earth and prepare the church for the second coming of the Lord Jesus Christ.

He runs a global ministry with churches in Africa, the Americas, and Europe. He is the best-selling author of the book “God's medicine: how to receive and maintain divine healing,” which has blessed many people worldwide.