Monday, May 10, 2021

Chrissy Haynie Co-authors book “Survival Stories & the Women Who Lived to Tell Them”

Chrissy Haynie, actor, author, and media personality, tells her story of survival in the newly released book “Survival Stories & the Women Who Lived to Tell Them.”

Dallas, TX – USA – May 10, 2021 – Chrissy Haynie, author, actor, and media personality, believes in women’s empowerment. As a survivor of domestic violence, Chrissy tells her story in the book “Survival Stories & the Women Who Lived to Tell them.” Haynie says, “Creating a positive image is important for anyone. You can motivate and inspire people with the way you live.” Setting the stage for empowerment, Haynie believes in helping other women. “I believe in sharing my knowledge and skills in the area of development, management, and writing,” Haynie says. “As a survivor of domestic abuse, I feel it is important for other women to know they aren’t alone in their fight against domestic violence.” As co-author of “Survival Stories & the Women Who Lived to Tell Them,” Haynie shares her story and her victory in overcoming domestic violence. The other co-authors are Empress Adafie, Laura Saul, Michelle Fleming and assembled by Satoria Wilson. Haynie says, “It is important for women to know that there is a way out of a domestic violence situation. That’s why I decided to join with the other co-authors in this book. I feel that by sharing our stories of survival will give hope to other women going through domestic violence.”   

“Survival Stories & the Women Who Lived to Tell them” is available to purchase at:



Chrishuara Haynie, AKA Chrissy Haynie, has been writing since a child. In elementary school, she used to come up with these really creative poems and plays that had the teachers in awe. The places she can go mentally and put on paper are amazing. Chrissy is the baby of two older siblings and born and raised in Dallas, Texas.