Friday, October 18, 2019

Halfway to MMXX: The Year 2020: It Begins by Anthony Mays

You are in for a treat as I present to you this next book written by Anthony Mays. Please Enjoy.

Halfway to MMXX: The Year 2020: It Begins


Professor William Lonsdale and climatologist Neil Garret are hot on the trail of a mystery surrounding a monk’s predictions from the year 1010. Old documents, recently discovered at Fleury Abbey in France, point to a potential disaster beginning in 2020. In the meantime, world-wide seismology sensors are picking up unusual tremors in the Arctic’s Pechengsky District. The Russians are telling everyone the quakes are the result of mining operations. However, a young woman in pursuit of her doctorate degree in earth sciences isn’t satisfied with their answer. She meets and seeks help from Neil Garrett and his partner. It isn’t long before they discover that events in the Russian Arctic and the prognostications of the monk are closely linked. Ultimately, five unlikely acquaintances team up and bring their unique understanding of science, history, and religion to combat the forces of nature. Will their efforts prove too late to stop the foretold beginning of the end?