Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Talent Agency Guide by Elani Kay and Emmanuel King

Today is going to be exciting for me because this afternoon I am going to be supervising a film shoot spot for a dear friend of mine, Sophie Marie White. She is an actress and author and her upcoming projects for television include a guest-starring role on Chicago Med on October 30, 2019. Be sure to watch that. She also recently released her new book NEURO CONFINEMENT that I edited and published with Absolute Author Publishing House. Congratulations Sophie.

People ask me a lot what it takes to become an actor. It is more than throwing your name into the hat. It requires honing your craft by taking lessons and getting an agent. I asked Sophie, "How did you get your agent?" Her advice was simple, "Be the best, offer your best, and reach out. Do your research and find the talent agency that best suits your needs."

That is great advice. So, where do you start? 

I have discovered a book, "The Talent Agent Guide," written by Elani Kay and Emmanuel King that is available on Amazon. 


Learn how you can quickly submit to over 100 SAG-AFTRA talent agencies and how you can start acting in commercials, television, and film. 

The Talent Agency Guide was created to educate, assist, and inspire performing artists on how to submit to reputable SAG-AFTRA and ATA talent agencies. You will also find valuable resources, education, and strategy from our coaches. 

Allow their wisdom and experience to help guide you in achieving your own personal goals of signing with an amazing talent agency.  We believe in you.  Now it’s your turn, take the shot!