Saturday, October 26, 2019

How to Write a Logline


HOW TO WRITE A LOGLINE TO INCREASE SALES: Everything an Author Should Know But Wasn't Told About Loglines for Nonfiction and Fiction Books.

The book is available for order right now for the eBook, paperback and audiobook, narrated by Timothy Burke.


"How to Write a Logline for Your Book to Increase Sales" is considered a must-have for authors in the publishing industry. The reason -- to grab the attention of potential readers, you must present your novel or book in a complete marketing package which includes the logline. A powerful, attention-grabbing logline aids to increase the sale potential of your book, which means more royalties. Dr. Carol Michaels, CEO of Absolute Author Publishing House, said, “When authors can’t narrow what their book is about in one sentence, it makes me question the rest of their manuscript. I always ask authors to submit a minimum of five different loglines because it tells me a lot about their writing style, and I learn about the book. Readers are no different. That’s how important a powerful logline is.” Too often, authors can’t move from their concept that takes up hundreds of pages in their manuscript to a single sentence. When asked, “What is your book about?” authors often stammer and begin the answer by describing either the character or the plot. That’s not ideal as the message you’re trying to deliver becomes a jumbled mess. Without an attention-getting logline, your book will be swimming with sharks in the middle of the ocean without a chance to grab reader’s attention. When this happens, your sales plummet. Do you want to increase the sales of your book? Of course, you do. Do you have trouble writing an attention-grabbing logline? If you said, “yes,” this book is for you. Written by a #1 New Release Amazon author, the information in this book guides an author in writing a compelling logline. Don’t miss your chance and opportunity to increase your book’s revenue and get your copy today. From the #1 New Release Author, Dr. Melissa Caudle.