Saturday, October 12, 2019

"Wanted" by Ellis Lucas

Are you needing a spiritual power boost? Do you find that you are challenged? Are you needing to lift your emotions? If you said, "Yes," then "Wanted," by Ellis Lucas is for you.


Are you are struggling with your faith, feeling lost, and not wanted? From the author of the highly acclaimed The Potter and the Clay, Ellis Lucas reveals the story behind the story—from personal salvation to family reconciliation. Wanted is an inspirational account of transformation filled with personal and spiritual truths, and the stories of people Lucas has helped to find their own salvation in God.Wanted is a beautiful testimony related through a constant flow of Scripture. Like a mighty river filling the hearts of its readers, you will be refreshed and encouraged to step deeper into the river of God’s amazing love and the truth of his Word

This book invites the reader to come home to Jesus Christ and to enter that secret place of the humbled heart where Jesus waits for each of us. We can often rush ahead in life without seeking God’s words—motivated only by habitual, selfish plans and desires. Lucas provides solid, scriptural reasons to follow in Jesus’ footsteps with true-life stories to inspire the reader to seek out God and make healthy choices.We are all prone to pride and hard-heartedness and Wanted will teach you that nobody is without hope, whether though addiction, abuse, abandonment or disillusionment in life. It will also challenge all Christians to do everything they can to reach out to those who are considered by many to be unreachable.We are all WANTED.“The personal testimony of Ellis Lucas, and the testimonies of others he shares, give living proof that God loves YOU; regardless of where you have been, what you have done, God not only loves you and WANTS YOU, He is able to take your life and totally turn it around, and make you a living witness of His Love and His Grace, and His Power to change the life of anyone who comes to Him.” – George W. Westlake, Jr, D. Min.“The purpose in my writing this book is to expose the fallacy of Satan’s intentional mental warfare designed to crush the spirit and decrease the stability of our minds.” – Ellis Lucas