Saturday, October 19, 2019

A Beginning for Kaitlynzq’s giving tree

Today I am sharing with you a guest blogger by the name of Kaitlynzq. Her blog is very creative in that it is really a vlog as most of the information is recorded and you listen to. So, for all of you audiobook fans, I think you are really going to love her.

This is What Kaitlynzq Writes

A beginning for Kaitlynzq’s giving tree

I am deeply honored when someone comes into my community, and when I receive the gift of someone’s purchase of what I write and create.

I’ve designed a giving tree to elongate and extend the gift of you to additional elements that I care about. If you would like your own purchases of my books to be included within the giving tree, the following are more of the details:

I give 25% of my revenue for all of my sales during multiple three day time frames each month to charity organizations, and additional philanthropic organizations that support the beautiful work the charity organizations are doing within these focus areas: