Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Growing Up Rural: Lessons Learned for a Lifetime Kindle Edition by Scott Jones (Author)



Growing Up Rural: Lessons Learned for a Lifetime

Guess what? You had nothing to do in the matter as to where you were born and raised, whether rural, urban, or in some other country. Your life began the moment you were conceived, and your journey on earth continues until your last breath. Life is a journey. Growing Up Rural is the journey of a young man who learned important life lessons in his early years that have carried over into adulthood. Lessons learned through both good choices and not so good of choices. Whether self-imposed or imposed by others and mixed in the middle are the everyday circumstances of life. Within those life lessons comes the reality of the God who is at work in the forefront as well as behind the scenes. He is there to guide and direct as well as to miraculously deliver from certain life-threatening situations by His wonderful grace. With that in mind, the conclusion is reached: my life is not my own. You are invited to come along on this journey and plug yourself in at a moment's notice. That's me! I understand! I get it.