Monday, January 9, 2023

The Purpose Of Life: To Love And To Create: The Meaning Of Life Is Found By Expressing Love Through Creativity



Dear Readers:

Have you ever laid awake in bed at night pondering the wonders of the universe? I frequently do, never really coming to any conclusion other than the universe is infinite. I also concluded that we are just a very finite part of it. That doesn't mean we, as humans, don't have merit. In fact, it is the opposite. We have significant meanings, and each has a unique purpose. Do you know your purpose? Do you need help trying to fit in? Today's BOOK OF THE DAY is perfect for all of us who want answers. "The Purpose of Life: To Love and to Create: The Meaning of Life is Found by Expressing Love Through Creativity" by Dave Dale, is so well-rounded as it dives into many aspects of our lives. You don't want to miss this brilliant read. Order your copy today!



The Purpose Of Life: To Love And To Create: The Meaning Of Life Is Found By Expressing Love Through Creativity Kindle Edition

What is the purpose of life?

Why are we here on this tiny planet amidst the immense vastness of the Universe?

Can our lives have significance and meaning?

To these questions, I have never found a remotely satisfactory answer in anything I read or heard. Many of the purported answers to those questions from philosophers and physicists, such as life, are “absurd" or “pointless.” I do not accept.

I just look around and see the intrinsic, magnificent beauty of the earth and the infinite wonder of the Universe and know there is an answer befitting the splendor around us.

It is simply illogical to believe that, against all odds, we are born here in such awe to just suffer or meander through a meaningless and pointless existence. The many wonders and inspirations, such as the pure love that is a newborn baby or the exquisite beauty of a single rose, provide touchstones to intriguing answers.

In searching for the purpose of life, I first focused on what the Universe does and what its purpose is.

I also looked into quantum physics, philosophers, religious leaders, artists, actors, writers, scientists, and some seemingly everyday people with extraordinary insights. Digging below the surface, illuminating consensuses and insights emerged even from the dourest of philosophers and scientists.


Throughout the book, I explore love, creativity, tragedy, and paradoxes to understand the purpose and meaning of life. There are nuances, aspects, and dimensions to love, creativity, tragedy, and paradoxes that I believe are not well understood or appreciated.

I started this journey to answer questions about the purpose and meaning of life for myself.

In this book, I include quotes from great thinkers from different fields. I do this to help build and ratify my arguments and provide greater insight, texture, and open doors as these quotes did for me. As I talk about in the book, so much in life is about making connections between each other and ideas.

I hope my book helps you embark on your compelling journey toward a meaningful and purposeful life.