Friday, August 25, 2023

Ayura Ayira -- Author Interview with Dr. Mel



Root of All Evil Deluxe Edition

Where did you get the inspiration for your book’s cover?

The cover of my book is bold, assertive, and boundary-pushing, much like the lead character herself. She had to use all her faculties to rise from the bottom and ascend to the highest tiers of polite society, all while navigating the murky waters of corrupt politics.


What challenges or obstacles did you face while writing this book?

I had to stand up for my own style. Terms like "unique" or "niche" are tossed around too casually to put certain authors in a box, and I don't view them as complimentary.

The book goes to some dark places. Most of my writing doesn't shy away from violence or sex. In general, I don't write content suitable for a PG audience.

I’m dead serious about trigger warnings.


Tell your readers about your book.

Zayani defies her origins, witnessing her village's devastation and being forced to commit heinous acts against those closest to her to ensure her own survival. This leads to her recruitment as a child soldier by a general (who later becomes her husband). Despite her harrowing beginnings, she eventually rises to power as the country's president. However, a new love, the haunting legacy of murder, and a tortuous path to power will test the limits of her ambition and thirst for revenge.

Can you provide me with any notable quotes from your book?

-Hate is a lazy man’s sport.

-Depression cares not about what throne you sit on.

-Please be yourself but be yourself as far away from me as possible.

-When a random tells you that you don’t have the right to be the princess in your own life, remember you’ve built your castle, and they’re outside staring up at it.

-Allow a woman her hate, especially if a glimpse at the mirror screams the reality that we all see.

-Repression is the architect of savagery. Forever and always.

-No obligation supersedes your obligation to yourself.

-The false profit that is supremacy is one hell of a drug.


Who is your target audience, and why?

Anyone open to exploring worlds that challenge boundaries, often vastly different from their own. Sometimes escapism can be fun, while at other times, it can be enlightening or unsettling. My aim is to build a readership willing to explore all these avenues with me.

What do you consider your greatest success in life?

Holding onto my childhood dreams and working daily to turn them into reality.

Editorial Reviews

"Root of All Evil excels as a dramatic thriller that captures the horror of living in a country wracked in a never-ending civil war. Despite the often-savage violence, the narrative never loses its direction or impact in portraying the journey of Zayani. This was a memorable and often riveting read." Book Review Directory

"In Root of All Evil, a child groomed to be a soldier grows up to become a ruthless political leader in a story that offers not just a compelling vision of how evil is cultivated, but what happens when the roots of childhood expand into adult pursuits. Zayani Ada is rich and renowned for her wealth and beauty. But it's a flawed heritage on many fronts, because under the mask of achievement is the countenance of cruelty.Readers interested in a compelling story of a strong woman who both rises above her circumstances and embraces some of these roots of evil in unusual ways makes for a thought-provoking story that is hard to put down." D. Donovan Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

"An explosive and cerebral thriller delving into the insidious origins of cruelty, Root of All Evil is a compelling and unforgettable portrait of power, trauma, and vengeance. Intense in its subject matter and stunning in its character portrayals, this is a shocking and wholly original novel that bristles with real-life crises and humanitarian issues too often overlooked." The Independent Review of Books

"Anything but a light read, Root of All Evil challenges the reader's heart and mind with emotional and political changes that keeps the story fast-paced, action-packed, and thoroughly engrossing to the end." D. Donovan Senior Reviewer, Midwest 

Book Reviews

"A powerful political thriller, Root of All Evil is a searing portrait of subjugation, violence, and the limits some people must go to find peace. Written with vivid prose that is at once beautifully expressed and terrifying, the novel is no doubt unsettling, but it also tells a viscerally gripping story about the importance of freedom and personal autonomy, resulting in a harrowing novel that also demands attention." Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

"Ayira's novel uses a strong, female protagonist to address the complexities of politics, war, government, and the power dynamics inherent in it all. The main protagonist is well-drawn. She's complex, both vulnerable and powerful. The supporting characters are relatively fleshed-out, especially the chief antagonists. Vivid descriptions highlight the novel's various locales well. This thriller/crime novel intrigues with a complex, anti-heroine main character and relatively steady action. The ending is genuinely a surprise." BookLife