Wednesday, December 4, 2019

Parables, Dreams and Encounters

I can't wait for each of you to wake up and read this blog post. It is after midnight as I post this, but to me it is that important that I couldn't wait until tomorrow. First, you might be thinking why am I working so late? Yes, I normally stop working around 7:00 P.M., but today I traveled to see my mother who is very ill. She has stage four lung cancer, which is in remission, but last Friday she had to have a spinal procedure to repair a fracture at her L3. Her recovery has been difficult and tonight I chose to relieve my sisters and take the night duty to help my mother. So, I am awake.

God has a mysterious way of working things out by putting me in the right place at the right time, or introducing me to people. Tonight is no exception. Jacquie Robinson contacted me about her book, "Parables, Dreams & Encounters." I had no idea what the book entailed, but the title captured my attention right away and I was intrigued. I had to learn more. The first thing I discovered was the that book was listed as the #1 Best Seller. That says something for the book. Then I found out that she had a countdown deal going on beginning today and ending on the December 9, 2019. That means the book is on sale. The more involved I became, the more intrigued, only to realize that I needed to read this book, tonight, at this very moment. He knew that I did. So, I downloaded the book onto my Kindle and jumped in. I've read many books over the years on dreams and paranormal encounters and the Bible. However, I have never read anything like this before. This is a must-read book.

Thank you Jacquie for touching my soul with your words through Him and congratulations on being the #1 Best Seller.


About the Book

Parables, Dreams & Encounters


Tap into ancient wisdom that opens your eyes to see your destiny and invisible realms and dimensions. 
Imagine supernaturally surviving a collision with an eighteen-wheeler, coming face to face with a familiar spirit, hearing call-waiting for dreams in queue, encountering an angel on your living room sofa (reading a newspaper!), experiencing a haunted hotel room, battling shape-shifters, strange-looking inter-dimensional creatures... and more!
This 3-in-1 book shares OVER FORTY personal dreams and supernatural encounters, gives dream interpretation tools and analyses, and personalizes parables – annotated with Bible Scriptures.

An intimate God! 
The God of the Bible who called Abraham His friend, met with Moses face to face to give him the Ten Commandments, and encouraged Joshua to be strong and courageous when he faced giants, also stood with Daniel in the lion's den. The same God visited His people in the flesh as Jesus Christ, poured out His Spirit in Jerusalem, was intimately involved in the lives of His people and spoke through parables, dreams and supernatural encounters.
That was then, what about now? 
Have you wondered about your purpose and how to fulfill your destiny? Are you in need of answers or directions concerning an illness? An investment? Emotional stress? An important decision? Do you desire to hear God’s Voice for yourself instead of relying on others? Do you want to understand and respond to your dreams? Have you, your children or loved ones been tormented by nightmares or oppressive spirits or recurring unfortunate events?
The same supernatural God is keenly interested in the things that concern you, and is speaking answers of peace. This book is perfect for:
Non-dreamers and Non-hearers: 
If you are curious, you can learn to discern how, when and what God speaks. See, hear and encounter the Holy Spirit, understand when God is speaking through common dreams, the Parables of Jesus, and the roles of a prophet versus a seer. 
Learn spiritual dream interpretation by deciphering God’s language and symbols (a dictionary is enclosed). Understand messages about your life and destiny, years or decades in advance! Discern the spirits behind what you see and hear. Develop the character of a watchman, intercessor and friend of God! 
Supernatural Encounters:
Respond effectively to dark dreams, nightmares, warning dreams, agents from other dimensions, spirit scents, lucid dreams. War against evil spirits, evict spirit strangers. Use your Spiritual armor and weapons and take charge of your sleep through spiritual warfare.  
God has much to share with you!
He has promised to speak to everyone who will listen, not only through His Word and prophets, but also through parables, dreams, visions, and those random, unexplainable "coincidences" that we have all experienced. He is a God of solutions!  
Why wait any longer? Take action now!