“Jewel addresses many topics with hard knowledge on the impact of our destructive decision on the environment and our food sources.”
Samantha Jewel has been an activist for climate change since the late 1990s with the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease. She recognized the need for changes then, and now with the global pandemic of COVID-19, she says it is increasingly more important that changes occur and addresses the issues in her book “Elegant Solutions for Addressing Climate Change.”
Melbourne, Australia – March 31, 2020 – Skeptic or not, the earth is affected by what we do, and often, our actions can be detrimental to the environment, according to the author, speaker, and activist Samantha Jewel. Jewel says, “There are plenty of people who don’t believe that climate change impacts us and turn away from the problem. I contend that if you eat, you are involved.” In her book, “Elegant Solutions," which is available in six languages, Jewel addresses many topics with hard knowledge on the impact of our destructive decision. “We stand on the brink of global outcome that threatens not only our very basic requirements but also our very ability to survive. We may all be eating ourselves into starvation,” Jewel says. “I wrote this book to describe how our survival and our smallest actions create a butterfly effect.”
Jewel has been an activist for climate change since the late 1990s with the outbreak of Mad Cow Disease. She recognized the need for changes then, and now with the global pandemic of COVID-19, she says it is increasingly more important that changes occur. “Until now, it has been about government and multi-national players following systems, processes, and structures of their making, coupled with a massive loss of trust in the media,” Jewel says. “However, a subtle shift in power and information accessibility has flipped the models for participation, poised for the revival of a counterforce – the up-swell of ideas, techniques, unity, and elegance to address a very serious topic with far greater of an impact. The bottom line is, if we keep doing what we’ve always done, we’ll continue to get what we’ve always got… and we want that to stop. People feel scared and isolated during this pandemic. We must address the reasons why and children need to know why this is happening. Everything is connected.”

Not only did Jewel publish “The Song for the Underworld," for ages three to six she also wrote “The Adventures of Celine and Alice,” for ages nine through thirteen, which are two picture books for children that relate to climate change as an adventure into the world of microbe battles.
“I finished reading Elegant Solutions last night, and it was great! I’m going to share it on my Meteorologist Facebook page. I’d love for someone that is against funding climate change and sustainable solutions to read it. It put the science in a more understandable read.” – Jessica Medlin, Meteorology PHD
Elegant Solutions is a thoroughly engaging, highly informative, easily readable book posing achievable solutions for addressing the climate issue through the food we eat and the way we grow it.”

Samantha has been dedicated to solving climate change and healing microbial imbalance on the planet for over twenty years. Samantha lives in Melbourne with her two sons; Indigo and Paris Jewel, and is a practicing artist of over thirty years.
Tell your readers a little about yourself, where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school etc. Let them get to know the personal you.
Samantha has been dedicated to solving Climate Change and healing microbial imbalance on the planet for over 20 years. She believes, intensive agriculture, hormones and chemicals it is the main contributing avoidable factor to the current viral outbreak and that this time in our evolution as a species is crucial to our understanding of the role and connection with earth. She bought the first soil carbon credit in 2006 that kicked the govt into recognizing soil as a financial tool and the industry in Australia.

She wrote and published three books for children to give hope and understand the land and the nature of microbes. She has personally self-funded and traveled the world speaking on the subject and has dedicated her life to it. She has three startups to drive funds to help consumers find farmers produce that make a climate difference and aids farmers to remotely measure their soil for carbon improvement to receive govt funding.

Samantha lives in Melbourne with her two sons; Indigo and Paris Jewel and is a practicing artist of over 30 years infinart.com.au
What inspired you to author The Song of the Underworld?

Mad cow disease, my own pregnancy and serving 50,000 clusters a week... I became dedicated to educating people after I researched all items we brought in to feed customers each week. My family created the first restaurant chain in Australia in 1965 starting with one small store in a lane in South Australia. I was a 70 hr. a week exec oblivious to what was in our food until I developed complications in my pregnancy that made me question everything I knew.

Where did you get the inspiration for The Song of the Underworld?

The cover is my ex partner’s interpretation of my description of the two main protagonist forces in the book the aerobic (good) bacteria and the virus that hitched a ride on the back of the bad airless anaerobic bacteria. I used Alice in the younger version but in the older one I wanted a more gritty griping story.

Who has been the most significant influence on you personally and as a writer?

There have been many key players mainly gray haired dedicated farmers and researchers passionately screaming in the wind about what we now see evident in Covid. This imbalance is closer to home as the microbe is able to kill us individually, but our imbalance actually starts in the soil. The outbreak center was over a province with some of the highest intensive agriculture in the planet with chemical usage so profound that what’s more surprising is how long this has taken and really how mild it is. Far worse is in store for us if we don’t wake up to our responsibility to the earth and our bodies to keep them healthy and understand the ‘biomes’ we talk about in our gut, in our brain causing dementia, are the same in animals, plants and the soil. A single teaspoon of seawater has trillions of microbes. Just because we could not see the curve of the earth did not mean it was flat...

As we expand our respect for nature must deepen and our arrogance diminish if we are to survive our over population of the planet. We can do it but revering regenerative practices and the role of insects and wildlife as well as trees... which we can see so it feels better, is vital to our survival.
What were your struggles or obstacles you had to overcome to get this book written?

The book cams easily as it poured out of me. The craft of writing is another thing. I did not write them to become a writer. I’m a sculptor so this is my life passion as well!! I think my writing is clumsy my grammar terrible, but my voice is strong. I still love the story and I wrote it many years ago.
Tell your readers about your book.

This story is based around the heroine Alice who has a magical journey into the world of good and bad microbes in an epic battle for survival both in the soil and unwittingly us! The good microbes are losing due to our actions and the little girl travels to learn and saves her community through her actions. It’s an uplifting story for children.

I feel it is appropriate at this time. The Corona virus is a multi-species, animal virus that, should our deep forests, rich in unknown and opposing, diverse microbes have been kept intact, would have preserved the virus in balance. We are at an existential crisis and we must seek to help educate our children not to make the same exclusionist, reductionist mistakes we have made.

This is a time to educate, reflect and listen to the ancient wisdoms that abound around us to find the best way for our children.

Who is your target audience, and why?
This book is for preteens still able to see wonder in the world before Sex hormones take them away for many years...

It’s to engage their passion for help. To maybe tell their parents why they need to eat healthy alive food?
What do you consider your greatest success in life?

Possibly my two-tone marble carving? But then I also marvel at the young men my children are becoming i raised alone from nine-years-old and so I watch how deep they are in understanding life that they have gleaned from all my rantings!
What one unique thing sets you apart from other writers in your genre?

I come from such a unique background of food whilst being a full time artist! Writing is an art form like marble carving that takes a lifetime to craft. My craft is weak in this field but my expression as an artist will always be there in anything I create.
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