Wednesday, April 22, 2020

DECEPTION by Roxanne von Andrian

Today's book of the day, "Deception" by Roxanne von Andrian is spine-chilling, adventurous, and filled with excitement. Inspired by true events, the book follows a team of European operatives and a female CIA agent, Ingrid, from diverting money out of the Miklos Fund's educational programs, to stealing enriched plutonium from the Russia-owned military base of Crimea's Sebastopol, with the purpose to kill an ex-KGB officer in London by poisoning him. This book has all the makings of a James Bond film and is worthy of reading. 

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Although writing fiction is her first love, Roxanne von Andrian has a Ph.D. in engineering. She’s an inventor with three patents. Roxanne served as an executive for high-level operations in the industrial sector. Roxanne is married, has two adult boys she’s proud of, and lives in Syracuse, NY.