Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Illuminati: A New World Order Novel Released to Raving Reviews

Illuminati: A New World Order takes the reader from 1865 up to the Panic of '73 via a presidential impeachment, the opening of the Central Depot, the sinking of the Golden Spike, and the founding of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Watch as America transforms from a country bursting with potential yet still broken by war to a land fully connected by bridges and railroads spanning from east to west, and with the foundations of the Brooklyn Bridge being sunk into Manhattan’s East River.

New Orleans, LA – USA -  April 8, 2020 - Illuminati: A New World Order, written by a mysterious author who goes by 00100100 has taken over three years to research and write. According to the author, “Everything from the buildings, to the way people dressed and what people ate, this story is enriched with great detail to transport the reader to another time and place.”

Most books in the 'Illuminati' spectrum are non-fiction texts. They provide for the reader conspiracy theories and promises to expose hidden truths. Illuminati: A New World Order has taken a look at all of those theories and delves even deeper to find a link between them and the main players who were involved. However, the fiction novel presents a rip-roaring read traversing through time. Even if you are not a fan of conspiracies or the Illuminati, the rip-roaring story will still traverse you through time. The book does not contain any ridiculous notions such as 'our leaders are hidden-reptilians' but rather, is a well-thought-out story that follows factual events in history and links them together within a woven narrative. 

Starting in 1865 and culminating at the end of World War II, the series moves from one historical event to the next with a heavily researched, fictional narrative woven in-between. It is an alternative take on the past, rewriting what has been written before, and connecting dots of evidence that have been previously overlooked.

Illuminati: A New World Order is available on Amazon and beginning Wednesday, April 8, 2020, the book goes on sale at .99 cents for 7 days only.


“It made me want to study American history' which is also part of the tale. While the story is highly controversial and puts forward theories about how the world is run, ultimately it is a Historical Fiction Novel and if it gets people into reading about America's great past, then that is only a good thing.”

“It's like a rampage through all of the things you were taught in school but brought to life through an interconnecting story of what may have happened behind the scenes.” 

“Five-star read! If you like Dan Brown books, this will be one for you. A fascinating read with an interesting mix of fiction and fact, which I haven’t seen before in a book like this. Using real characters from history and real places brings alive the fictional elements of the story and allows the reader to contextualize the narrative. The characters are really well developed and the author sets the scene perfectly. Looking forward to the next book in the series.” 

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