Friday, April 3, 2020


Are you a parent looking for ways to bring creativity and learning into your home for your children. It isn't always easy finding things for our children that offer entertainment and gives them the opportunity to learn in the process. Today's BOOKS OF THE DAY does that. "The Song of the World" and "The Adventures of Celine and Alice" by Samantha Jewel is a treasure that explores climate change.


The Song of the Underworld Kindle Edition

The story is based on a number of scientific facts but there are many areas of artistic license taken to make the story work for children. The main purpose of the story is to bring about an awareness of the enormous role the world we cannot see plays in our existence and the issue of carbon emissions and perhaps to create an empathy for rather than aversion to the microbe world we cohabit.

The Adventures of Celine and Alice Kindle Edition

There is no better testimony than from a child. Watch below. The adventure awaits.

Samantha was born in Melbourne, Australia, and she still resides there with her two young boys, Indigo and Paris. Samantha is also an accomplished artist/sculptor. Part of her time she spends in Sedgwick, in rural Victoria, where she creates her artwork and promotes selected, established artists in her regional gallery, Gallery Infinart. She is also the author of "Elegant Solutions."