Monday, March 15, 2021

Baby Capricorn - BOOK OF THE DAY



Baby Capricorn Paperback – February 25, 2021


Dorian Alexander is an author, playwright, and baby astrologer. A New York native with a long background in the theatre arts stemming back to the seventh grade when Dorian was first bitten by the acting bug landing an audition to be an understudy in his very first middle school play. A desire to perform on stage quickly turned into a passion to write and produce. Dorian attended the Academy of Art University where he wrote, directed, and staged several original stage plays in the heart of San Francisco and continues to spread the message that theatre heals, nurtures, and inspires.

Baby Capricorn is Dorian's first self-published literary work, a magical tale about his own Saturn Return with a supernatural twist, a spiritual introspect at the ancestral roots that bond us to the treasures of our past into the present, and on into the future. Humor is a common thread found across Dorian's creative work, laughter often being the anecdote for uncertain or troubling times, and the belief that the full expression of one's higher self is something that anyone can achieve no matter where you come from or how big your dreams.