Friday, March 5, 2021



I have a fabulous interview for you today with Nurse Practioner, Dr. Patrice Little.

COVID-19 has disrupted nursing education in so many ways. With the nursing community focused on containing the spread of the coronavirus and on treating those who have contracted the disease, the need for providers who can focus their time and effort on primary care is greater than ever. One of the progressively growing fields is that of Nurse Practitioners. This profession requires advanced training beyond a bachelor’s degree to diagnose, prescribe, and treat to meet the primary care shortage gap. The eagerness to capitalize on this field has led to potentially dangerous gaps in the quality of education and training NP students receive. In tragic cases, lapses in quality have led to patient deaths and major lawsuits. One platform aims to help current NP students and new graduates navigate their education to fill critical educational gaps.

NP Student is a premier lifestyle and education platform designed to bring those interested in becoming nurse practitioners and those actively enrolled in the traditional or doctoral track of NP School together through NP student magazine and now with exclusive training through NP Student University. Their priorities are patient safety and racial-cultural relevant care.

“As a graduate of a hybrid program, there are many concerns in NP education that need to be addressed for one becoming a provider solely online during a pandemic,” explains Dr. Patrice Little, a Family Nurse Practitioner and the CEO of NP Student. “It’s a relatively progressive field that addresses the national primary care shortage, which means that there are opportunities to make the providers more qualified to fill those gaps. The services we offer are designed to help cultivate students’ thinking to avoid regurgitation of a textbook. When it comes to advanced training, repetition is key.  Unfortunately, there is not enough downtime in the rigor of the program for NP students to retain core information and enough hours in hands-on training for some to practice effectively after graduation. Our goal is to foster a new generation of NP’s to see the red flags, differentiate the zebras, address the most common complaints, and provide culturally competent care. Most students who graduate from NP schools are unsupported during their transition into practice unless they happen to land an opportunity where they are assigned a mentor or are accepted in one of the limited NP residency programs.  Our platform will represent the first to provide access to expert training and provide weekend and evening support for NP students. That’s what sets us apart.”

NP Student University is an online platform that provides supplemental resources and access to practical information designed to increase the learning capacity of NP students in their core education. The key areas our team focuses on are:

  • Promoting provider communication and leadership development
  • Encouraging advanced clinical assessment and diagnosing practice
  • Establishing documentation practices that reflect care that is reimbursable
  • Supporting students with prescribing practice
  • Empowering students with racial-cultural competencies

By 2025, the demand for primary care providers is expected to grow 17% and the support provided allows NP’s to practice confidently and safely. The company’s long-standing mission to serve as a nationally recognized resource that transforms the lives and practice of NPs in and out of school.

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