Sunday, March 7, 2021

Interview with Yaron Seidman


I have an interview for you today that holds the potential to change your life forever. Today's interview is with Yaron Seidman, physician, author, and founder of, a health and wellness site for those seeking  advice and for other practitioners to offer health and wellness information and classes. During the interview, I had several moments where not only what he said made sense, but also made me look at my health and wellness differently. If you find your health and wellness challenging, please take the time to watch and engage in this interview.


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Hunyuan Xinfa Special Edition eBook

Hunyuan Xinfa: The Lost Heart of Medicine 
is a book from the Heart. The authors, Dr Yaron Seidman (Connecticut, USA) and Teja A. Jaensch (Sydney, Australia), present an investigation into the human Heart, revealing a method of healing never seen before. In this practical and profound exploration, the authors reach numerous breakthroughs in the understanding of Natural Character and the Heart, how to comprehend health and disease, and how to approach medicine from a point of Center. After studying with Master Liú Bǎigǔ ( 刘伯谷), grand grandson of the Qīng dynasty scholar physician Liú Yuán ( 劉沅 ), Seidman and Jaensch filtered the complete compendium of Huái Xuān ( 槐轩 ) philosophy. Over 4000 pages of classical Chinese text were researched, the pure essence distilled and translated, and presented here in this book.

From finding his lost tomb in the fields of Shuāngliú county, to the remembrance of Liú's life work, the Lost Heart of Medicine has been formed and found. This book is a must read for any practitioner of medicine. Dr Seidman once said, 'When in doubt, do not treat the patient.' After reading this book, there will be no room for any doubt in your Heart.

Liu Yuan's words of wisdom: "Medicine is difficult to master, as physicians are like small children, constantly ill informed. They gather sayings left behind by the sages and they dare not correct the high and brilliant....With full intention I studied the Six Confucian Classics, and found the one word 'benevolence' is clearly the root of the Sages' Dào. Who knew that with this one word, we can nurture the physical body? By correcting everything that is discordant with propriety, we can reach peace and harmony in the Qì and blood. Earlier physicians only allowed the principle of their Natural Character (性 Xìng) to guide their actions and words, and the Heart method followed this. What more explanation is needed? In the Six Classics and all the works of Confucius, not once is the word medicine written, but repeatedly we see the word benevolence. .......In the Analects (論語Lún Yǔ) one can find many small Dào, so its words must be thoroughly investigated. Moreover, the human Heart thinks a lot, bringing about many inappropriate things. As a result one engenders a disharmony of Qì, Yīn and Yáng. Through one small moment of non-benevolence and non-properness, the person acts contrary to the upright Qì of Heaven and Earth, with disharmony the only possible outcome. .......The high and brilliant noble person, when desiring to save people, goes back to this one word: benevolence. Stating it clearly to all the medical scholars who, throughout their entire careers have yet to cure a disease, be consoled with Heaven’s proper benevolence. Thereafter, how would merit and virtue not be fulfilled to the extreme?"

The Special Edition includes both the translations of many quotes and the original Chinese as an appendix at the end of the book.

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