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Roppit Poppit: A Flying Boy



  •      Roppit Poppit:
  •  A Flying Boy

Publisher's Summary


Roppit Poppit: A Flying Boy 
is a short bedtime story for kids about bravery, friendship, self-love, and achieving the impossible, designed to help restless kids fall asleep and have soothing dreams of flying. 

The story is about a boy who embarks on an epic adventure to find his father in the sky. His friend, a pot-bellied, flying circus pig, gives Roppit the encouragement, bravery, and self-confidence to pursue his dream of learning to fly and find his father in the sky by repeating the words: "Believe in yourself!" 

Most of the characters try to crush his dreams by saying, "You can't fly, unless you believe that pigs can fly." To which Roppit replies: "I do believe that pigs can fly! And if pigs can fly, then so can I." 

Does your child have a hard time falling asleep? Are you looking for a fun, soothing way to bond with your kids without pre bed drama? Do you want to calm your child down, increase vocabulary, and improve listening skills? 

My son's overall health begins with the quality of his sleep. Ever since the pandemic, his social anxiety and stress has made it difficult for him to fall asleep. This, in turn, contributed to an inability to play alone during the day and resulted in a general restlessness and crankiness. 

Due to closed schools and lockdowns, he's also had little chance to engage and expend energy with other kids. I did some research into how to relieve a child of mental stress, and apart from mental and physical exercises, I discovered a technique that significantly increased the quality of my child's sleep. So, I designed my own short bedtime story to help ease my son into a deep sleep. 

With a soothing voice and relaxing meditation music in the background, I finally had him falling asleep within 10-20 minutes. How? Remember falling asleep in school? There are two reasons why we fall asleep in class. Either the class is boring because it's full of information you already know, or your brain is tired from receiving too much new information you don't yet understand. 

After lots of research, I realized the sweet spot is just between interesting enough to distract the mind and just gradually challenging enough to send the brain from alpha and beta to trigger interest and then to theta and delta waves to trigger mental shut down. 

I tested it on my son. It is a balance, and I designed it with specific meditation music with binaural beats to help prepare his busy, hyperactive mind for deep relaxation by leading his mind from an engaging yet calming adventure into a mental challenge of poetic rhyme structures and linguistic twists that engages and thus heightens his phonological awareness. 

In a nutshell, I will send you child on a journey that will peak his interest and then lead his hyperactive mind into a challenging mental maze that will causes his body and mind to let go of his thoughts and drift away into a deep slumber. 

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