Wednesday, April 6, 2022


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Author: Andrej Statskij

I am seeking funding of EUR3500 ( USD3800 ) to publish my book Still Alive with Austin Macauley Publishers Ltd


I have positive feedback from this publisher and an agreement to publish the book but I need to pay some costs to do so. Unfortunately at the moment, I do not have the necessary amount for this and so I am asking you to help me. Thank you in advance! 


Ģenre: Non-fiction 
Number Of Pages: 115

 This is a true story of the struggle for life, based on the author's personal experience. 

The story spans the period from 1981 to 2021 and includes childhood, adolescence, and adulthood with dangerous diseases (cancer and others), family tragedies, difficulties in life, mysterious threats, betrayal by people close to him, and cruelty of others. This is a story about how the human who has gone through terrible ordeals to become stronger, to gain faith in himself and, in the fact that in this life all events are not accidental. The author analyses his life and tries to understand the causes and consequences of the tragic, strange, and mystical events in his life and the lives of his relatives. Gradually he concludes that even an ordinary human can change his destiny and save himself even in very dangerous situations. The author shares his experiences with readers and motivates them to engage in self-improvement and gives practical advice to those whose lives have been threatened. and who need rehabilitation after a long serious illness. 

 This is a book for people who need support in difficult situations, who want to understand the meaning of their lives and the circumstances in which they find themselves and triumph despite all the dangers. 

 The book is illustrated with 44 photographs, which are closely linked to the events described and were taken by the author in different periods of his life.