Sunday, April 24, 2022

The Maiden, The Bird, and The Wolf King. A Fairytale You Color: Includes 12 Story Pages + 20 Color Pages + 15 Activity Pages Paperback – February 7, 2022



The Maiden, The Bird, and The Wolf King. A Fairytale You Color: Includes 12 Story Pages + 20 Color Pages + 15 Activity Pages 

by Virginia Byrd Books (Author)

Is your kid a fan of Fairytales?

If you answered yes, they’ll love The Maiden, The Bird and The Wolf King. Children can now color to life a Tall Tale of Wonder and all the characters they meet along the way.

Ideal for Ages 6-9 - But can be Enjoyed by Younger Kids, with Adult Participation.


Along with the Story and Coloring... This Book also Includes:

  • 15 Pages of Activities that are Linked to the Story + Where your Child Helps the Characters
  • Learning Skills such as: Word Search + Navigating a Maze + Scissor Practice and more
  • Finish this Sentence Writing Prompt also included
  • Reading + Writing + Coloring + Learning + and Fun!



My name is Jessica Madden and I am a small business owner, a devoted daughter, and a pet parent to a pack of rescues.
Since 2010, my husband and I have been proudly running a neighborhood pub & grub in the heart of Texas. For five of those years, we spent Mother's Day weekend raising money for the AFE Foundation. That was until Covid. Our benefit has been shuttered ever since, along with our mission to help #EndAFE. You see, AFE is a complication during pregnancy that happens just as labor begins, resulting in the death of both mother and baby 60% of the time. This is what happened to my friend's sister; Micki and her unborn son- Mason. Huge pregnant, she woke up at 4am to pee... found on the bathroom floor when she didn't come back to bed, both mother and baby were already gone. Her daughter, Hannah, was only 3 at the time. A tragedy beyond measure. Miranda Klassen, from the AFE Foundation, helped Micki's family when they couldn't put one foot in front of the other. They are pure angels sent straight from Heaven. Now we honor the memory of Micki & Mason with a giant annual donation, but the lockdowns and shortages put an end to traditional fundraising and set us back 2 years. Looking to pivot out of a dying industry and into an occupation that empowers the next generation of women, while making up for the last two years of lost donations... has led me to write this children's book. In my grandmother's name, I want to create wholesome, old-fashioned books, for little girls, designed to instill a love of reading & learning that endures long after her first iPhone... plus raise money for charity. After all, it's like my father always told me- No guts. No Glory.