Sunday, April 24, 2022

Survival and an Unexpected Life By Robert Smith



Survival and an Unexpected Life


Through working and living in different foreign countries, facing life challenges that were unprecedented and at times seemingly never-ending, Robert became humble and an overall better person. He shares his story here in order to connect with and inspire others going through difficult times to know that it is possible to overcome and become stronger because of it.

In his debut book and memoir, Robert goes through his harrowing tale of surviving a life-threatening illness while also dealing with the loss of loved ones. Robert has successfully beat cancer, and in many ways that were the least of his accomplishments. It seems difficult times and challenges come at us in immense waves, and Robert’s story is no exception. Throughout the book, he details his journey and the choices he made to leave his comfort zone and press onwards.

His book takes us on an incredible and true journey of dealing with cancer and heartbreak in his forties when he is diagnosed on his 40th birthday. This set him off on a journey working and living in Papua New Guinea, Mali West Africa, Egypt, and the Philippines, which would forever uproot and change his life. In many ways, for the better. While obstacles thrown at us in life can be stressful and overwhelming, they can also define our choices for the better. The most inspiring stories are ones that are true, and Robert’s tale is nothing short of unique and incredible.



My life changed in 1994 when I was diagnosed with Kidney Cancer right on my 40th Birthday. I was a Maintenance Supervisor in a Food Processing Plant in Western NSW. I was married and had a son at this time. Just an average guy.

For reasons, I can never understand to this day but I faced harassment in the workplace even being a cancer survivor. My father and mother had passed away and my marriage was over.

It was time to leave my comfort zone, resigned, and started my own consultancy business. This move led to me working as an expatriate in Papua New Guinea, Mali West Africa, and Egypt. I also visited the Philippines where I have settled to this very day.


My dream in life was to travel the world and wonder if this was fate or God's will.

I experienced one of the biggest typhoons in History in the Tacloban area of the Philippines. This changed my life forever as had never witnessed so much death and destruction. I became humble and appreciated the simple things in life.

In life, there are hard, loving, and sad times and all have been included in this powerful story

I decided to write this Ebook to help others facing illness or hardships in life. Not being afraid to have a go, never hate, and being able to let go of the past and live for the future.


What can I say... Once I started to read this book I did not want to put it down. I became obsessed lol. I wanted to know what was coming next. It was a very interesting true story and one of resilience and hope. It is a story about being humble and appreciating the simple things in life. Being grateful for what we have and being strong enough to fight both in relation to health and opening new chapters in one's life. Not being afraid to have a go and being able to let go of the past and live for the future. It’s amazing just how much Robert's life changed from the beginning to the end of the book. I would highly recommend this book to not only people facing health issues and changes in their life but to anyone really. I am sure it will resonate with all types of people from all walks of life. Thank you Robert for sharing your story with not only me but the world. - Chrissy Martin

I thoroughly enjoyed reading your book over the last week or so and I was fascinated. You're truly inspiring, despite the pain and trials you went through. It's very inspirational, especially in times like these. A must-read for those who are facing hardships in life, and to remember that there is a rainbow that will show up that there's still hope for everything. Thank you for the thoughtful words! God bless you! - Ian Norte