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"Rescue" Feature film / Movie

"He only wanted his daughter back!" "After the accidental death of Jake's oldest daughter and wife, Jake's only daughter Leah, has been abducted by human traffickers and is being sold to the Cartel. Jake's experience in martial arts, sets out with little clues in hand, and a kali stick in the other." Rescue is a 6 Award Winning film produced by AJLO Productions Filmed in Arizona . This indie action film is not based on a true story or case, however, child abductions, kidnappings, exploitations, and human trafficking are real and happen every day. This film will help bring awareness to the ongoing real crisis of human trafficking. If you see something, say something!

Tell me a little about yourself, where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school etc. Let them get to know the personal you.

Alexa Lohman (daughter of Jason and Kimberly Lohman) has been in theater since age 7. At age 10, she got the main role as Sarah in the movie Dream Round, and she has been in a few other films since then. Alexa and her parents live in Mesa Arizona and Alexa, also being a native-born in Arizona. In the year 2018, Alexa wanted to do her own YouTube show called "Alexa Big Hands" which was an improv comedy that she performed well in. Her parents helped her with creating her YouTube show. Sometime later, Alexa asked her parents if they could be part of her team in the filmmaking business. Both parents were more than happy to help create what is known today as AJLO Productions, (Alexa Jade Lohman Productions). Jason turned up the gears and studied directing, and producing and even became very proficient in editing. He now creates not only films but also commercials for customers. Jason even helped produce a few other films with other producers along the way.

What inspired you to make this film?

In 2019, I (producer and director of Rescue), saw a news article relating to a child abduction/trafficking bust in Mesa, Arizona. This scenario haunted me as I have a young daughter (Alexa Lohman). Between my daughter being of a young age, and this crime hitting close to home, I wanted to help bring awareness of how easily a young girl, or child, can be abducted in the blink of an eye. My wife Kim and I decided to write our first movie script called Rescue.

Where did you get the inspiration for your film’s poster?

Our movie poster was inspired by the plot of the script. The vision behind the poster was knowing that Alexa would be playing Leah, who would be abducted and then brought to the desert at a rendezvous point to be sold to the cartel. The father "Jake", played by Jason Lohman, is on the trail of the traffickers and fights for her back in the desert. The poster is a great visual for such a rescue.

Who has been the most significant influence on you personally and as a screenwriter?

Watching Alexa's' acting career over the years was a great influence for Jason to spearhead the filmmaking arena. Jason loves producing films with his wife, and now Alexa.

What were your struggles or obstacles you had to overcome to get this film made?

Our film Rescue, being our first indie film, had its up and downs. What normally takes only a few weeks with a good budget by most Hollywood studios, took us several months with a low budget. However, we made sure that all of our crew and actors who helped out were paid fully the day they had worked. We do not want to be those type of producers who tell cast and crew that will only get paid on deferred pay. That's not good practice as a business owner.

Tell me about your film.

Jason Lohman plays Jake, the father, and his daughter Alexa Lohman plays Leah in the film, Rescue. Following the loss of Jake’s wife and oldest daughter to a tragic accident, Leah and Jake are trying to come to grips with their new life. It takes a darker turn when Leah is abducted from the park, in broad daylight.

Jake gets word that Leah has been abducted, which sets Jake on a tumultuous path to get to Leah before Leah is lost forever. Knowing every second counts, Jake, being trained in martial arts, and an ex-vet combat soldier, is now instinctively in pursuit. His will and determination would not falter until he finds his daughter in the possession of the kidnappers as they are selling her to the cartel.

This film does not show any killings. The reason for this is found in an earlier scene when Leah (played by Alexa Lohman) asked her dad, Jake, if he ever killed anybody while he was in the war.  She went on and makes her dad promise her to not ever kill again for any reason. Jake makes a promise he will not kill anyone. However later in the film when Jake realizes she is kidnapped, his urge is to go and badly hurt the kidnappers, but he maintains that urge to a minimum and only maims or knocks them out while rescuing his daughter. Closer to the end of the film Leah asks her dad if they are dead, he states back to her he had made a promise not to do any killing.


Who is your target audience, and why?

This film has a touch of awareness element to it. Human kidnappers/traffickers kidnapped a girl and want to sell her. The kidnappers have connections to a seller who happen to be the cartel. This is an action/drama film. Not only is the father fighting the kidnappers, but he also comes toe to toe with the cartel later. The target audience I say would be parents, grandparents, mature kids, or anyone who either already appreciates the seriousness of trafficking and abductions, or anyone who possibly is not yet aware of the magnitude of this problem. In addition, on a lighter note, it is for anyone who loves a good action film about a dad on a quest to saving his daughter.


What do you consider your greatest success in life?

Coming from a background of having a few successful businesses in past times, I would say joining forces with Alexa and her inspirational idea to create AJLO Productions. Out of all business endeavors, Kim and I have ever done, we consider AJLO Productions to be the most thrilling and entertaining endeavor we have ever done. "Entertaining" no pun intended.


What one unique thing sets you apart from other writers in your genre?

The unique thing that I believe sets our film apart from other indie action films is that while in the film festival circuits, it has won many awards. This was a huge surprise to us. I never imagined a low budget indie film like ours would receive so much recognition, but it did. I just noticed as well that the ratings on its IMDb page are also above our expectations. That is some good stuff there!