Saturday, November 30, 2019

Awesome Again by Flavio Ballerini

I am really excited to write about this upcoming book. Breathe in... Breathe out.... Relax. Wait! I'm not trying to put you to sleep, I'm trying to set the mood for an upcoming book that launches on December 15, 2019. So, what is this book that has me excited? "Awesome Again: Seven Simple Steps For a Man Over 40 to Regain his Vitality" by Flavio Ballerini. You might be wondering why I would be excited because I am a woman. Oh, but wait! I am a married women and I know lots of men who can use this book.  Flavio is brilliant and he has the experience to help men. Take a look and judge for yourself. I think I need to inform you that the book isn't available yet! So, be sure to subscribe to get the latest when this book will be available for pre-order and of course, all things Dr. Mel.

Despite living at a time of unprecedented opportunity and solutions to complex problems, most men older than 40 experience a general decline in vitality and quality of life. Heath concerns, financial problems, the loss of relationships, and a mysterious sense that something is missing, despite having everything, drives many men to believe that they are losing their edge as they age.

 Awesome Again shows you that you can change your life, based on solid philosophical, therapeutic, and scientific principles. You will learn how to change your life by taking seven simple steps that will transform you into a new nan.

The guided meditations in your personal portal at will install the seven steps into your subconscious mind for permanent change that keeps on getting better.

In Awesome Again, you will find: 

-          A self-assessment test to discover exactly where your life is at

-          Solid philosophical, therapeutic, and scientific information

-          The Seven Simple Steps to become Awesome Again

-          Guided meditations in your personal portal

-          Routines that keep you growing each day 


What readers are saying:
-     I thought that my life after 40 or 50 would be less interesting, less fun... less awesome. Once I read Awesome Again, I discovered that there are no age limits, we can be youthful, fantastic, or even better than before. Thanks Flavio for bringing the Seven Steps to my life! Cristobal Herrera, Master Photographer
-      Awesome Again provides so much clarity to what needs to be done for a man to regain his vitality. For many, it’s the information you’ve been searching for, and for others, it’s the information you never knew you needed. Heriberto A. Guerra, Entrepreneur 

-     This inspirational guide for men who want to regain their vitality is a must read. The Foundations of Awesomeness show you that you can succeed. The Seven Steps are clearly explained and easy to follow. The Routines of Awesomeness will ensure you have a great life. Edgar Alvarez, Author, Novelist, Playwright

  About Flavio Ballerini

Flavio is an engineer, philosopher, scientist, hypnotherapist, coach, mystic, and father of four beautiful girls. Flavio is a Professor of Mystic Philosophy at the Aranegui Institute in Miami, Florida and the Clinical Director at Hypnotherapy & More.