Saturday, November 9, 2019

You're A Dog,Chase!

My book of the day is fun. Did I say fun? Yep! Fun! I love finding new children's books for my grandchildren to read or for me to read to them. It is so much fun. But wait! The book I have chosen for the book of the day is published in both English and in Spanish. That is important to me as I challenge all of my multi-racial grandchildren to learn multiple languages. Two of my grandchildren are Greek and speak that language. I have one that is from Honduras and speaks Spanish and I have three that learned sign language. My granddaughter is hooked on Blippie, in Spanish, and some Russian cartoons that captivate her. She also watches Paw Patrol in Spanish. Needless to say, when I came across this book, I got excited. It is really cute. Take a look.


An innocent game of backyard Frisbee takes a scary turn when Tyson's feisty Yorkshire terrier Chase runs into a barn and loses his memory.

 Un juego inocente del disco volador del patio trasero toma una vuelta asustadiza cuando el terrier de Yorkshire decidido de Tyson, caza corre en un granero y pierde su memoria.