Friday, November 1, 2019


The Dead-End Road Devotional: Fishing for Principles and Truths on Life's Journey Kindle Edition


The Dead End Road Devotional is a collection of simple life principles with profound wisdom. If you are currently or have experienced a sudden interruption in life read this book. When a part of life comes to an unexpected end most people panic, at least for the moment. Everything on earth eventually comes to an end: marriages, job assignments, employment, relationships and life. I began learning how to successfully navigate tough times as a boy fishing with my Dad.

When a road in life suddenly ends, what do you do? Are you looking for life to make sense in these times? A few simple principles with profound truths can help. Read The Dead End Road Devotional and discover that when the road ends a new journey begins.

Inside The Dead End Road Devotional you will uncover:

o A journey at the end of the road,

o Three Paths we all travel in life,

o What to do with snags, tangles, and hang-ups,

o How not to allow hooks to destroy relationships,

o Proper responses to lures, lies and location,

o Why we never want to but must leave the mountain top, and

The Dead-End Road Devotional is great for a quick read, small group study or personal devotional.

Don’t wait: Read this book and discover truths that you can apply to your journey in life.