Thursday, November 21, 2019

"Happy Piglets" by Michal Splho

Dear Readers:

There is nothing more enjoyable to be than sitting down with my grandchildren and talking with them, playing with them, doing arts and crafts, and read with them. I love to watch their faces light and their eyes glisten as we get into a story and figure out what is about to happen. I also love it when my two-year-old and my granddaughter and other grandson, both four-years-old read back to be. Today's book, "Happy Piglets" written by Michal Splho is one of those books for all to enjoy. I loved the story and the illustrations. I think you will too. So, without further ado, I present "Happy Piglets," and the author interview with Michal Splho.


The traditional story for children narrated in a fresh, new way and accompanied with amazing watercolor images. The classic illustration plays an important role in telling the storyline. A feature like an increasing number of flowers instead of page numbers adds another dimension and level of use to this book. It is meant to get the children closer to the essential point behind the story: to enjoy and to have fun.

Happy Piglets