Wednesday, November 6, 2019

The Bench: A romantic delusion Kindle Edition by Kevin Farran (Author)

Dear Readers:

Who out there is ready for a little romance? I know someone is sitting by a fire watching the snowfall and needs an entertaining book to cuddle with as they sip their hot tea. Well, okay, it's over seventy degrees where I live and the closet thing I will get to snow is shaking one of my father's collectible snowglobes. However, that won't deter me from reading a good book by my pool. So get ready for a joy of a read with "The Bench: A Romantic Delusion," by Kevin Farran.


"The Bench: A Romantic Delusion," by Kevin Farran

You shouldn’t read other people’s mail (love letters) – you just shouldn’t, right?

But if it’s anonymous, or a secret lover, or a serial stalker… her heart demands that the author be revealed.

What pulses surge through the heart that lays beneath the mundane frocks of the office mouse?
Jenny, whose literary aspirations suffocate in the corner cubicle of a large city publisher, is innocently deluded by a chance trail of love left by a phantom author. The trail of delusion tears at her cloistered life extracting her dreams and when she emerges from her musty chrysalis to confront the author, it costs her, her job and sanity, but releases a far greater power.