Thursday, November 7, 2019

Here on Earth: Chronicles of Pain, Survival, Hope, and Love by Nkem DenChukwu

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Like most days, I get up early and the first thing I do is turn on my computer so that it can boot and then I make a pot of coffee. If my husband comes through the kitchen while it's brewing, I say, "Don't even talk to me yet, I haven't had my coffee." It isn't meant to be mean as it has become a joke between us. I firmly believe that I couldn't survive without a cup of coffee. I'm wrong. Of course, I can. I don't want to. That is the one small thing that I can control each morning in my life. That is until we get a storm and we don't have electricity. I soon learned that in the mornings that I couldn't have coffee, I had to change my way of thinking. First, I began with a mental thought, "Worry about those things that you can control and nothing else." In essence, I was in charge of whether I'd remain a grouch without coffee or flash a grin and skip to the bedroom and get dressed.

That is why I find today's book extremely interesting and compelling. "Here on Earth: Chronicles of Pain, Survival, Hope, and Love," by Nkem Denchukwu addresses the very issue, and more, I face when I can't control things around me or in my life. A couple of posts ago, I told you about the book of the day for children, "See Me Don't Judge Me," and how special the book is for children. This is the same author -- Nkem DenChukwu.

Nkem is a very interesting woman. Not only has she authored several children's books, but also she is a filmmaker. She was named one of Africa's Top 40 Women in  Films and Television by FilmBiz Magazine. Her most recent award-winning film is LONE STAR DECEPTION with Oscar nominee Eric Roberts.

I hope you enjoy learning about her book and the author.


It is true we cannot control what happens to us or around us. But we have the absolute power to control how we think, therefore, how we respond to it. Here on Earth was inspired by the epidemics of bullying, depression, racism, suicide, & human trafficking, child bride, stigmatization of mental illness, hope, kindness, and love. It chronicles 6 short stories of children, teenagers, and young adults, surrounded by pain, survival, hope, and love, and the 7th chapter on oneness. From homes to classrooms, parks, the streets, our backyards, and even in churches...bad things happen! Our society sometimes, expects us to be silent. But to not lose your voice is to be free!

Here on Earth: Chronicles of Pain, Survival, Hope, and Love

Nkem DenChukwu 

Tell your readers a little about yourself, where you grew up, where you live now, where you went to school etc. Let them get to know the personal you.

I was born on July 4th in the eastern part of Nigeria. I am the sixth of seven children of my mother. My father married four wives. So, I have twenty-seven brothers and sisters. I relocated to the States in the 90s in search of a better life after my oldest sister passed away. My father died when I was twelve! I put myself through school and obtained my Bachelor's degree in Computer Networking and a Master's degree in Health Services Administration, but my real love is in creative writing and producing motion pictures. So... I Write and produce films! I really love writing for the younger generation because they are the future, and they learn (most times) from what they see and hear. I write inspirational books for them in an effort to inform, teach, empower, and inspire them, and hopefully in the process, mold their minds to become better adults. I have four amazing children who light up my world.

What inspired you to author this book?

Love, kindness, hate, the sunrise & sunset, hope, survival, and all that life comes with.

Where did you get the inspiration for your book’s cover?

The elements in my books determine the concept of each book cover.

Who has been the most significant influence on you personally and as a writer?

The younger generation, actually.

What were your struggles or obstacles you had to overcome to get this book written?

The lack of or limited resources to self-publish and self-promote.

Tell your readers about your book.

Each of my books was inspired by love, hate, kindness, bullying, suicides, culture, mental health, survival, hope, love, time, and space.

Who is your target audience, and why?

The younger generation (5yo to 19+). They are the future. When we properly teach them young, then we don't have to fix them as adults. We simply help guide them.

What do you consider your greatest success in life?

Mastering each day how to embrace my inner peace, being the best of me, living my best life against all odds, and holding on to the Grace of God. Without these and more, I am not sure who and what I'd have become.

What one unique thing sets you apart from other writers in your genre?

I write from my heart to speak to the hearts of the younger generation.


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