Monday, November 4, 2019

Portal CoDe RHN-G: Have you ever thought about your purpose in life, the events or experiences mark the path to follow. I invite you to visit and unveil ... RHN-G 1 Trilogy Dreams Prophecies Visions) Dec 26, 2018

Dear Readers:

I really think you are going to love the book I have chosen for the book of the day. It comes with my warning -- it is out there, it a fabulous way. It's my kind of book. Take a look.


It is the story of one of the so many people with special gifts in search of their origin and with questions about signals arrived in dreams, real-life events, having to go to sessions of medical hypnotism to discover the level of dimension in them. In such a way, that it can decipher what is its true origin or better-said purpose of life, in relation to those spiritual, extraterrestrial, real and supernatural cases. Coincidentally everything united affects the lives of these people and everything begins to be discovered in a doctor's office, places like your bedroom or real places to restore memories. Even after hypnotic processes, these people can not define exactly what plane the narrated experiences are in. It will be real, dreams, prophecies, premonitions, revelations, past lives, contacts of the third type or close encounters with humans who have evolved to a higher plane with a different aspect to survive with a more advanced mentality and what do you think ...