Wednesday, March 11, 2020


I have a very special book and author for you to meet today -- R.F. Kristi and her book, THE CAT DETECTIVES IN RUSSIA: THE CASE OF THE MISSING FABERGÉ EGG. When I tell you that this book is adorable and very creative, I mean it. Brilliantly written and with beautiful illustrations by Maaz Farzaan, this book is sure to captivate young readers.

I will warn you though, this is neither a short book or a quick read. In fact, the book is intended to be read over a series of days. This week, I am babysitting my two of my five-year-old grandchildren and one three year-old so the parents could go on a small vacation. I found this perfect to read to my they right before bed, a little at a time.

The only problem with this, is they are so enthralled with the adventurous plot and the characters they never want me to stop. My saving grace is that I tell them that we will read again tomorrow.



by R.F. Kristi (Author)

An amazing adventure in Russia. Can one cat detective find the missing Fabergé Egg?

Inca the Siberian Kitty can’t wait to visit her homeland, Russia. The detective kitty learns that a local museum needs her crime-solving skills to track down a valuable stolen Fabergé Egg. With her trusty diary in tow, Inca leaps whisker-first down a trail of clues that leads into the famous Peterhof Palace located in Peterhof close to Saint Petersburg, Russia. She learns about the country’s rich history and just how important it is to restore the famous Fabergé Egg to its rightful place in the Fabergé Museum. With a little help from her furry family and friends, particularly the marvelous little robot, Jibo, Inca can feel she’s close to getting her claws on the valuable Egg… but it’ll take teamwork to save a priceless piece of history. 


The Cat Detectives in Russia: The Case of the Missing Fabergé Egg is a work of mystery fiction involving animal protagonists, written for children by author R. F. Kristi.

Forming the ninth book of The Inca Cat Detective Series, this delightful and amusing chapter book features many illustrations by Maaz Farzaan in order to tell the story of Inca, the Siberian Detective Cat. With her trusty team at her side, Inca’s newest mystery to be solved features a stolen priceless egg that needs to be returned to a local museum in Russia. What follows is a culturally rich and educational tale which also features plenty of fun and frolics along the way. Enthusiastic young readers who want to venture out on their own with their first chapter books are sure to be delighted with the accessible style and fun visual presentation of this novel, and indeed companions in the series. It’s easy to dive right into the mystery because of author R. F. Kristi’s thoughtful introduction to Inca, her family, and her detective team, so this read can be enjoyed as a standalone mystery from the series as a whole. 

The characters are larger than life with superb dialogue and their own distinct personalities, and the illustrations by Maaz Farzaan will aid readers with their imagination for the most dynamic parts of the tale. More than this, though, The Cat Detectives in Russia: The Case of the Missing Fabergé Egg is a highly educational read which opens the door for children to culture, history and the wide world around them.  (Reviewed by K.C. Finn for Readers' Favorite)