Monday, March 30, 2020

Dystopian Spacetime: 5 Science Fiction Tales of Humanity on the Brink

Okay all you science fiction lovers; do I have a great collection for you. Today's book of the day is, "Dystopian Spacetime: 5 Science Fiction Tales of Humanity on the Brink," by JD Brooks. 

Take a deep breath, because none of them have anything to do with the Coronavirus and pandemic. What a relief. So, purchase your copy and escape.


Dystopian Spacetime: 5 Science Fiction Tales of Humanity on the Brink Kindle Edition

Sometimes the smallest things can have the biggest impacts. Dystopian Spacetime presents 5 hand-selected tales of the fantastic. Take a trip to the 1980s and see how humanity’s place in the universe was really determined in ‘Earth Year 1982.’ Did humanity doom itself without even knowing it long before you were born? ‘In Space, All Bets Are Off’ will give you some insight. Ever wondered what you’d really do if you could kill Hitler? The mysterious stranger presents this in ‘Incident at Phil’s Arcade.’ What if we could change some small detail about the past with a new, powerful device? And what if the wrong person possessed it? ‘Winds of Change’ will make you think before you place your next football bet. Finally, how do we persevere in a world now alien to us? ‘The Final 7th Inning Stretch’ shows us hope through the eyes of a young boy on the verge of manhood in a dystopian world. Special Note: There are no viruses, contagions, or plagues in any of these 5 stories. Humanity has had enough of that in the real world for the time being. (About 33k words).


JD Brooks is a science fiction writer who lives with his family on a farm in Colorado. When not writing, he's coaching little league, and conducting cybersecurity risk assessments for small businesses. An Air Force veteran, JD now also handles critical risk analyses for the US Space Force's weapons systems. He's also an adjunct professor of Cybersecurity at Regis University (Denver, Colorado).

He can be found on Twitter at @JD_the_writer