Thursday, March 26, 2020

"Eating the Forbidden Fruit" by Roland Page

How is everyone doing? I know at our home we are hunkered down with plenty to eat and have enough toilet paper for at least a week. I will have to start using others means with the TP shortage. I do have Kleenex, so I do have a back up plan.

I want to give my readers a bit of hope during this pandemic -- please don't view this as a hopeless situation. Instead, cherish the time you are having with your family and make positive and happy memories. Spend the time journaling, catch up on hobby or start a new one, and read to and with your children.

If you find yourself having to homeschool your children for the first time, research the many avenues on the internet. For me and my family, I have three grown daughters and seven grandchildren, we are homeschooling. No, not in the same house. However, each day, we do a Zoom conference, and we take the children all over the world by sharing my screen with them. We have visited glorious museums, seen the seven wonders of the world, learned about traditions and cultures, and geography. Then, we have them write about them. That's my favorite part since I get to grade them and encourage their writing. We also have math classes, and we watch historical documentaries and discuss it. So, there are lots of opportunities.

I do caution my readers to make sure they pamper themselves and take "Me" time. It is important that we all do this. My "Me" time is when I choose to write my next book, "Secret Romances: A Forbidden Thirst For Love," compose original music, play the piano, or curl up with a good book. This brings me to a book "Eating the Forbidden Fruit," by Roland Page. Take a look at the book.

Eating the Forbidden Fruit Paperback – March 11, 2020