Monday, March 9, 2020

"Feeling of my Existence" by Shawn Akrawi

With so much going on in our world today, it is necessary to stop and reflect on the beautiful side of the world and to escape from reality. For me, there is no better way than diving into a good novel. However, sometimes, I want something that won't take so much of my time; so, I turn to another form of writing -- poetry. I love poetry and I often write it. When I was a child, I wrote over 500 poems. As an adult, not so many.

You might be wondering why you don't see any of my poems published since I am a bestselling author with dozens of books. However, no poetry. The reason is... I don't know. Maybe one day I will assemble my poems and create a book.

Until that time, I want you to meet Shawn Akrawi, an author and a poet. When I came across his book, "Feeling my Existence," I was intrigued by the cover, first... it is amazing. Then, when I began reading the poems, I couldn't stop. I was mesmerized. I think you will be too. That is why I have chosen this poetry book as my BOOK OF THE DAY. Enjoy!


“Feeling My Existence” takes the reader on an emotive journey of personal trials and triumphs. Penning poetic musings revolving around love, faith, and existence, poet Shawn Akrawi connects with his readers on a soul level and showcases the wide spectrum of human emotion in a relatable manner. This book isn’t merely a collection of poetry, it serves as a lens each reader can peer into to gain a compassionate understanding of their inner workings and the sentiments of other people.

By the end of this literary pilgrimage, the reader will feel their existence more deeply than ever before.

As a treat, Shawn agreed that I could publish two of his poems for you. I really think you're going to enjoy them.

by Shawn Akrawi

How did you manage to penetrate my soul
Find its hidden heart
Easily break its shell And melt with its core
How did you manage to fit my paradise
Into your beauty
Stop the course of time
And be the only one to adore
How did you manage to hold my hand
Fill my body with life
Then fill life with love
And fill love with your magnificence
How did you manage what others have failed
Erase my pain
Stop my fears
And fill my guilt with innocence

Everything and Nothing
by Shawn Akrawi

There is a kiss concealed in your lips
There is a secret adding beauty to your eyes
There is confidence in your smile
And a distance wishing to die
There is softness in your voice
Soft As if it’s telling the hardships of your life
And of the captivity of your love
Softly Singing the freedom song of your soul
Mysterious As you reflect beauty itself
Miraculous In your simple truth
Marvelous Forcing me to long…too long
I can be your pillow I can be your dreams
I can be an arrow
Traveling through your winds
Touching your heart
Melting in your fantasies
I can be your everything
I can be your nothing
Your spirit is calling me
Unheard, unseen, and untouched
Yet felt With all my senses
In a vision beyond my visions
Convincing me
You can be my everything
You can be my nothing


Shawn Akrawi was born in 1967 in Baghdad, Iraq, to Assyrian Catholic parents that immigrated to Sweden in the late 70s. He is a lover of philosophy and human sentiments as shown in his first book "Feeling My Existence".