Saturday, February 5, 2022

Divine Love by Stephen Shaw


Dear Readers:

You are in for a real treat today with Stephen Shaw's newest book "Divine Love." What can I say other than the words and message are powerful and leads you on a journey of self-love and radical transformation from within. My mother always told me, "If you can't love yourself, no one else will either." Her words resonate with me as I read this inspiring book filled with sage wisdom. I highly recommend it to you and it would make a perfect gift too for those special in your life. Thank you Stephen for such beautiful lifting words.

Divine Love by Stephen Shaw

Divine Love is a book that awakens radical and profound transformation.

Divine Love is a book about authenticity and intimacy; a guide on how to truly live. It’s not about chasing the heavens out there; instead, it’s about creating a slice of heaven on Earth. Bringing raw, real, deep Divine Love to your Here Now. Living and loving with your entire heart. This book is the culmination of my incredible spiritual adventures and contains profound life wisdom and spiritual guidance. It will transform your life!

Available only in Paperback and Hardcover

The hardcover is beautiful and highly recommended.

Amazon Customer Reviews

"Exquisite, profound message. Exactly what I needed to hear. The final and most perfect piece of my spiritual puzzle. My path is complete after reading your beautiful and brilliant mystical book. A divine author, you are! Thank you."

"I wish everyone would read Divine Love. It contains the distilled spiritual wisdom of the ages. It is such a complete Life Guide that it surpasses and supersedes all the spiritual and metaphysical books I have ever read. The divisions in the book - Body, Mind, Emotion, Spirit - truly cover all the angles to create a life of deepest fulfillment, joy, and peace. Namaste."

"Wow, so different to your spiritual novels. Yet, so awesome, so heartfelt, so poetic, so pure. Divine Love (hardcover) lays on my bedside table for sweet-dreams stardust, and the paperback rests in my bag for daily sustenance and inspiration."

"I have waited for this book my entire life. It is the best guide I have ever read on life, love, and sacred relationships. This is Tantra condensed into a spiritual and pragmatic book. After reading it several times, I now open Divine Love to a chapter and sit and meditate on it. I love, love, love your book!"

"Everything I was seeking is right here in DIVINE LOVE. It all suddenly made sense. It all came together. DIVINE LOVE has all the keys and secrets I needed. I now intend to retire into pure bliss, resounding peace, deep fulfillment, and overflowing joy."

"I love this book. 'Divine' and 'Love' weaved into a title ... I knew it was going to be excellent. I adore the concept of Divine Lovers introduced in your book. The entire work is absolutely superb and sacred and stellar and sensational."

"Was that a work of art? A book of poetry? A shimmering guide for soul expression and spiritual love? Whatever it is, it grabbed me by the heart and transported me across space and time, finally immersing me in a river of red-hot, smoldering Love. Juicy, yummy, deep, ooommmmggg LOVE! Message received, understood, absorbed, integrated, and activated in my life Here Now!"

"Divine Love. The perfect culmination in an incredible, interlinked, multi-dimensional, mystical universe. Each book provides different catalysts and entry points into personal growth and cosmic transcendence. Many paths, one mountain; and your books cover them all. I have followed Stephen Shaw's writings from the beginning. Absolutely brilliant and life-transforming."

"I realized a while ago that you write from an enlightened, higher-dimensional perspective. That's why I always read your books in a slow, serene, meditative way. This allows the spiritual energy to drift into my soul, while my mind gently absorbs all the wonderful mystical teachings. It results in tranquil, smooth soul-evolution."

"I loved all your spiritual novels. Intriguing stories that taught me so much. REFLECTIONS was a fabulous handbook (not a novel). And now this! DIVINE LOVE is also not a novel, but a truly awesome guide to divine loving and living. So many personal questions that have bothered me about love, life, and relationships ANSWERED. May I express my deepest, heartfelt gratitude for your book."


Stephen Shaw is a Globally Renowned Mystic, Spiritual Life Coach, Shaman, Tantra Master, and Author of 12 bestselling, spiritual self-help books. As seen on KTNV Las Vegas, NBC Palm Springs, multiple radio shows, podcasts, magazines, and blogs. His books offer teachings, guidance, and tools to increase fulfillment, peace, and joy, and stimulate spiritual awakening. My passion is to elicit ecstatic emotional and mystical states, catalyze radical personal transformation, and bring all people to an awesome level of living, loving, and being.