Saturday, February 19, 2022

How to start a business helping people start writing-related businesses


How to start a business helping people start writing-related businesses 

If you love writing and want to start a business in it, this post explains options on how you can create a business helping people write and profit from writing online by either blogging or selling their books.

A popular option for today's online entrepreneurs is to start a self-branded business selling eLearning materials like books, online courses, access to membership sites, and get coaching. While this is a great option, there is a barrier to entry, which is to actually have books, courses, and a membership website to sell.

Luckily, there is a solution. You can hire an online course creator to either create custom courses for you or you can license existing courses you can resell as your own. The option to create a custom course is usually more expensive and takes more time since it requires a significant amount of manual labor. Licensing courses is easier and faster, so in this article, we’ll talk about the option of licensing existing content.

The common license for online content is the PLR license, which stands for Private Label Rights. This is also sometimes referred to as acquiring PLR books or white-label online courses to resell.

If you are not familiar with these concepts, let’s unpack them. To private-label or white-label something is to take a product without branding and put your own branding on it to sell as your own. This is a common legitimate practice. Just think of companies buying products made in China and putting their logo on those products to resell in the US market. The same would happen to the books. You just remove the author’s name and replace references to the author with references of you and your brand. With this kind of licensing, the author agrees you can do that to their work for payment. 

Online courses, on the other hand, can’t be completely white-labeled because there is a human instructor who teaches, speaks, and sometimes appears in the course videos. That’s not necessarily bad. After all, someone has to teach in a course. It would be weird to take the human teacher out of the course. Instead, make sure that the teacher is reputable and has strong expertise in what he or she is teaching. 

If you want to start a business teaching writing and helping people start careers either as authors or freelance writers, you can license English and writing-related courses and books online and immediately have those as products to sell to your audience. There are many English and writing PLR courses available for you to license, ranging from grammar to writing to promoting books on Amazon.

After you license the content, it’s usually available immediately and all you have to do is create your own website selling books, courses, and a membership. You can get your own white-label course platform to resell courses by outsourcing its creation or making the website on your own. You can have your online course platform populated with the online courses and books you licensed in a matter of days.

Your website can also easily have a blog so you can begin blogging and attracting coaching clients through your content than you’d promote on social media and through SEO.