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An Angel Remembered



An Angel Remembered

by Rosemary Ryan

God decrees a special child will be born, and carefully chooses the parents who will give her life. Since the moment of conception, Lenora is a child of God and will share a unique personal relationship with the Almighty. She fulfills God's plan as an angel on earth starting from an early age.

When her three-year-old brother has a horrific accident, she asks God if He can send an angel. The Lord dispatches the Angel Gabriel, who is quite humorous in addition to being strikingly handsome. Throughout the story, he will pop in and vanish at will.

An Angel Remembered is based on a true story. The author uses her own vivid imagination throughout the book, but numerous events happened as written.

Allow yourselves to fall in love with a cast of memorable characters as you travel with them from World War II into the year 2000.

Remember, with God all things are possible.



Rosemary Ryan is originally from Long Island, New York. From the age of eleven, writing was a hobby. Once in sixth grade, she did a book report on one of her own stories. But when she grew up and joined the corporate world, there was little time for writing.

When her children were born, she retired from business life to concentrate on raising her two sons. In 1994, seeking the therapeutic desert environment of Las Vegas, the family of four moved out west. It was there she met a very special woman and was captivated by the story of this lady's family. It was a story she felt compelled to write and share with the world.

It took 12 years to complete this book. During that time, several serious detours took her from the project for extended periods, but her heart always led her back. A widow with grown sons the author resides full time in Las Vegas, after splitting her time between Florida and Nevada. She lives with a very interesting feline, named Lily, who has a few tales of her own to tell.


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