Thursday, March 24, 2022

Shanti: Diary of a Guardian Angel by VJ



Shanti: Diary of a Guardian Angel by VJ


Humans languish in the grasp of distraction and of dark notions, as the righteous watch goodness cowers in confrontations with countless waves of morbidity and political turmoil. In the search for life's meaning, they probe the atom and they probe the universe, and they sport a child's fascination with science, which they suspect is the way to prove the existence of our Creator.

Observe the perceptions and activities of a guardian angel, Shanti, and how she sets about helping to keep free will from driving off course the human lifetimes that particular Souls were meant to live. A wisp of influence or direct intervention, or perhaps a hands-off approach to Souls living out insurmountable failure, on Earth; some are simply destined to fail. View through the eyes of an accomplished Soul the inner workings of spiritual guardianship, from love at first sight to the grief caused by the death of loved ones, from Souls who will graduate from Earth to those who are trapped in its turmoil for their lack of self-control; what would a guardian angel say about Earth and the humans?

The path to enlightenment begins with your knowledge of Earth's purpose, and from the ability to act upon that knowledge to manage and enhance the grace and the righteousness of your human experience. Embrace challenges, and accept as the Creator's will those occurrences which seem to get the best of you. Avoid the negative and the unwholesome as best you can, in today's world. Help yourself by helping others; make the world a better place.



"This is a masterful analysis of suffering, its causes, and its cure. It is richly illustrated with stories, stories that are either true or could be true, and that reflect actual realities human beings have been living in extreme personal life situations all over the world. The book overflows with a love for high morals and ethics, and a likewise intense and well-deserved disdain for corrupt and degraded social trends. It is strong and colorful, written from religious universality and true spiritual passion, with a sincere and total dedication to enlightenment, transformative educational reform, and to planetary upliftment."

*Taansen Fairmont Sumeru, Ph.D. (Religion)