Wednesday, March 23, 2022

Shade of Pink Paperback – February 28, 2022 by Monica Pitek-Fugedi (Author)



Shade of Pink Paperback – February 28, 2022

Monica was diagnosed with breast cancer at 44 while undergoing her very first mammogram ever. This book chronicles her experiences from the phone call letting her know of her diagnosis, to all the doctor's visits, the chemotherapy, radiation, and swift kick into menopause.

This is the story they don't tell you. What it's really like to lose your hair, taste, bowels, identity, and control. From the nuances of the doctor's visits, the non-politically correct questionnaires, figuring out how to tie a scarf, to the feeling like you are no longer you, but instead, you are "the one with cancer."

Shade of Pink is told with humor and candidness, written as much for the caregivers and friends as for patients. It is a must-read for anyone touched by the tight grip of cancer.