Saturday, April 15, 2023

Epitome of The Mind



If you want to go somewhere in the physical, you must first go there in the mind. Unleash your full potential and take back your life through mindset moves. Health, wealth, and happiness are achievable if you believe it.

Being successful isn’t necessarily about where you grow up, how much money is passed down, or what college you attend. It’s about how well you can program your mind. Even some of the most intelligent people don’t reach the levels in life they are capable of. Health, happiness, and financial freedom are myths to some but available to all. Everyone has a mind which is used as a canvas for what we want to manifest; our job is to paint the picture of what we want.


In Epitome of The Mind, best-selling author André Stewart shares mindset hacks, practical tools, and techniques for unlocking your mind by taking you on a journey mapping out how to think in a world filled with distractions and the dumbing down of thinking for oneself.

“Greatness is not the product of one’s birth. It is rather rooted in the choices and habits individuals consciously engage in to improve their lives. The greatest minds in the world have always been individuals who allowed themselves to question ideas, beliefs, and even structures.” – From Epitome of The Mind

Author bio


Have you ever felt overwhelmed or depressed? Been homeless, unemployed, or on government assistance? That was André’s life path before entering the world of finance. But everything changed when, at thirty-three, his doctor ordered him to quit working at his high-level bank position, where he was an advisor to CEOs of startups, major tech companies, and high-net-worth individuals. The stress was killing him, leaving André on the brink of cardiac arrest.

André then discovered the knowledge of real estate investing and was able to achieve financial independence in less than seven months in that industry. Today, André is the founder and CEO of Residual Roads Business Institute and InvestFar, the latter being the first mobile app that lets you purchase, renovate, sell, or manage an investment property remotely.

Residing in Los Angeles, California, he enjoys traveling, playing basketball, and spending time with family and friends. His mission now is to help others from all walks of life discover mental awareness and financial independence.