Saturday, April 15, 2023

Hello, My Name is Gaia by E Wonders



Dear Readers:

A love letter inspired by Gaia herself for children from 0-5 years old (as well as the child in all of us!)  The story is about Gaia (the spirit of Earth) in the form of a little girl – telling other little ones who she is and the message of how she loves them.   It is not a message that says, “I’m the Earth, don’t spoil me,” it instead says, “I’m the Earth, remember me, I’m here for you, and I was created for you to live and thrive”

At a time when Gaia herself is shaking up the planet - this beautiful message for the next generation of souls is creating the vibration for change and a renewal of heart and spirit toward this planet that we have been granted residency on as souls.

It’s a message that has been told, but not quite in this way, and with this character who carries an unsuspecting divine message that will capture hearts and imbue seeds of intention.

I highly recommend this book. Order your copy today!


E. Wonders can be found with sand in her toes and a notebook in hand with salutations to the ocean near her home in Laguna Beach, California, where she resides with her beautiful daughter. She is an animal and nature enthusiast.

E's life journey has evolved on a more supernal level with an insatiable interest for who we are, where we’ve been, and all things whimsy and unseen.

She has a strong connection to nature, and her primary focus for this project is socializing it with as many young minds as possible. She is working toward a program where earth-friendly non-profits can have access to this book to distribute for their own promotions toward improving our focus globally on doing better for our beautiful planet.

Hello, My Name is Gaia, is E’s first children’s book. 
The book can be found on Amazon via paperback and eBook for Kindle.