Saturday, November 21, 2020

Moon light by Destiny L Ingram

One of the best things about going to bed for me is that I know I will have a dream. I don't know if I'm an exception, but I dream in full color in 3D as if I was there. It is like watching a movie, but being in it. In fact, I have written over 28 screenplays and many novels that I dreamed before I wrote them. So, when I learned of today's BOOK OF THE DAY, "Moonlight" by Destiny Ingram I got more than a little excited. I thought, This is perfect. I hope you find it perfect too for your book collection to enjoy with your kids, nephews or nieces, or grandchildren. Take a look.

Moon light

by Destiny L Ingram

What happens when we sleep?

Is there a magical world that waits?

Find out in this lyrical and beautifully illustrated tale about Dreamland, the place where dreams are discovered. Follow the adventures of Jaybear as she and Panda P explores the land that helps everyone fall asleep. When a star falls into Dreamland, the chase is on to retrieve the mysterious light from the untrustworthy Ronny D. He’s stolen the star and no one will be able to dream.

Can it be found in time?

Will Dreamland be locked away forever from dreamers?

This imaginative story will help your little one want to fall asleep every night. Filled with messages of positive goal setting, this loving tale helps stress the idea of following your dreams and not letting anyone stand in your way. To follow your dream is something that every child needs to hear. It will be a restful story to read over and over again at bedtime, and a much-loved addition to any child’s home library.

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Subgenre:Action & Adventure / General




Paperback ISBN:9781098322625


Destiny L. Ingram

One thing that Destiny L. Ingram has not been able to satisfy is her insatiable appetite for writing and a nudging bug for storytelling. She is a talented and ardent author and a full-time student in college. Growing up, Destiny had always been an avid reader, and fiercely passionate about writing poetry and prose, and telling stories. While in college, Destiny enjoys writing classes the most and is continually writing and reading to build her writing skill further.

In her debut children's book, 'Moonlight,' Destiny serves her readers a cocktail of charming fiction, enchanting fantasy, and bouts of the entertaining and thought-provoking tale that takes children into her creative world with a simple and a captivating language. She passionately weaves her message and engages children's wit and imagination with an exciting and educative story.

Destiny is most passionate about writing stories of relatable situations that connect intimately with the reader's emotions, bearing vital lessons, and a powerful message of hope and restoration. Destiny loves spending time with her family, cultivating a healthy body, mind, and soul through exercise, visiting new places, taking nature walks, and indulging in adventurous activities.