Sunday, November 29, 2020



I love introducing new musicians to my readership and today is no exception. Malin-G is starting his career with a bang with deep drum beats, rhythm and vocals. Take a listen and support this up and coming new musician.



Describe your style.

Pop. House. Dance


Who or what has been your greatest influence on your style?

I guess old school house music was my biggest love, especially LL Cool J.m, Keith Sweat, and Warren-G.


How did you get started in your career?

Lockdown pushed me to find ways of entertaining myself.


What struggles or barriers did you face or are you facing to promote yourself and your work?

Starting out. It is so difficult to be heard amongst all the great talent...


           What life lessons have you learned, and how have they influenced your style?

I have worked hard from an early age, and I am not a negative person. So, I treat each hurdle as a challenge to overcome and move forward. I love self-growth and what motivates me is the challenge to better myself.


Provide an example of your work that I can include in your interview.


Live Ur Life is a good example of my work.

This song is about loss. It is about the difficult year 2020 has been for many people. It has a central theme to the song. To Live. To move forward. To overcome the difficulties. To accept the past and look forward. It has been hard. It has been difficult. We have lost work, Lost businesses. Lost loved ones. We have been asked to wear masks, work from home, and stay distant from others. We have felt alone. We have felt trapped. We have endured a lot as a human race. But we must go on. We must struggle. We are not alone. We are all in this together. For better or worse, we must "Live Ur Life."


           What is your website and social media for my readers to be able to follow you?



Instagram: malin_gmusic there is a lot of info on instagram

Twitter: malingmusic

Facebook: malin-g music


Live Ur Life · Malin-G (


Live Ur Life - Instrumental · Malin-G (