Tuesday, November 10, 2020

i wish i could by sneha vishwakarma (Author)


One of my favorite songs is by Cher and it is called "If I Could Turn Back Time." Wow, does this hold true for me as I write this blog. Last week I was in a horrific near fatal car crash and broke my wrist, my C2 in my neck, and that is on top of the fractured shoulder and tore rotator cuff I am recovering from that I injured last June. For me, last Wednesday night, the night of the wreck, if only....  This brings me to this beautiful book of the day, "i wish i could" by sneha vishwakarma. This book is uplifting and came at the right time in my life and I know out of my 2.1 million readership, someone out there needs this book. Take a look. 

i wish i could