Thursday, January 23, 2020

Author L.A. Davis Releases Third Book “When I Kiss Em, They Stay Kissed” for Valentine’s Day

There is more to a kiss than your technique; learn how one kiss holds immense power when infused with meaningful intentions

New Orleans, LA – USA – January 24, 2020 – With Valentine’s day around the corner, we scramble to find the perfect gift for a loved one. Author, L. A. Davis announces the launch of her book, “When I Kiss Em, They Stay Kissed,” published by Absolute Author Publishing House (AAPH) and available eBook, paperback, and audio on February 1, 2020. Davis says, “There is more to a kiss than your technique. Whether given to a family member, friend, lover, or spouse, a kiss holds immense power. When infused with meaningful intentions, it will leave the recipient with an unforgettable memory.” Davis says she decided to author the book after reflection on seeing how difficult Valentine’s Day is for so many after the festivities of the holidays. “I heard the phrase, ‘When I kiss em, they stay kissed’ decades ago from an old lady or at least what I perceived as old to me at that time, and I loved it. I never imagined I would be writing a book with that title over thirty years later.

Dr. Melissa Caudle, author, social media influencer and AAPH publisher, says, “I love Davis’ new book. From start to finish, you hold your breath because you have to know what is coming next.” This short read will fill you with so much nostalgia, desire, love, and romance that when you kiss em, they will stay kissed.
Who is this book for? Davis says, “If you are a person who believes in love despite the downside of it, then this book is for you. If you want to learn about the power of a kiss no matter whom you give it too, this book is for you.
Other readers praised the book too and gave five-star reviews.
“I thoroughly enjoyed this latest release from Dr. Davis. Her books always offer up a bit of food for thought & this one does not disappoint!!! Kiss em is right up my alley as a collection of short pieces about life experiences in love and the art of the kiss. Davis has a great way with words and prose. This was a short, quick read definitely worth read! I loved it!!

“A book you won't forget! I absolutely enjoyed this book. It held my attention and I couldn't put it down at times. It's a great read and had just the right amount of humor. It's one I will keep and won't mind reading it again!!”
When I Kissed em, They Stayed Kissed,” is available in eBook now. The audiobook will be available for pre-order on Amazon. Paperback and Hardcover will be available in February 2020.


Author L. A. Davis earned her Doctorate of Education Degree with an Emphasis in Organizational Leadership and Development in 2018. She focused her dissertation topic on the Blind or Visually Impaired and their perception of gaining employment. She was born on the island of St. Thomas USVI but resides in the United States. She is a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority, Incorporated.

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