Monday, January 27, 2020

Stores on Fire: A Retailer's Story

by Mr. Philip H. Mitchell (Author), Mr. Gary Petz (Author)

Charley Kern and his wife inherit a home center after her parents are tragically killed in a car wreck. Even though he was involved with the store for a short time prior to the tragedy, he has no idea how to start improving the struggling operation. He takes a leap of faith and introduces himself to a person who soon becomes his friend and mentor. His new friend introduces him to a new concept called The Incremental Improvement System. After Charley thoroughly understands the huge differences that small improvements can produce, he is taken on a journey of reinvention and produces success beyond any thing he could have imagined. The engaging story provides a great way for people who are looking for retail store improvement to learn while being entertained. This is the first book of the series. The second book is also available. It is the companion workbook to deepen understanding of the Incremental Improvement System.